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  1. RED Wallpapers! For everyone who's all in...
  3. What insurance is required for RED equipment?
  4. Scarlet-W finish options?
  5. DSMC2 Redvolt XL Module with single small Revolt battery
  6. Red Armor, Reliability and Repair Discussion
  7. Allstar VS ciecio7 (PL mount for Red Scarlet-W)
  8. Experiences with SquareTrade warranties?
  9. Dead RED BRICK?
  10. Pixel/Sensor Shifting
  11. NEED ADVICE: Anamorphic lens EF mount for Scarlet W
  12. Backfocus Problems - Help!
  13. Stiltsville Masterclass 2016 - BTS and Thanks!
  14. Feature Request: destructive edits to R3D media
  15. What battery capacity/size is allowable/safe for air travel?
  16. Cheese plate recommendations
  17. Foolcontrol + DSMC2
  18. Weapon, Scarlet-W and Raven - difference?
  19. New 4.7" monitor handheld configuration?
  20. DSMC 2 - Relocate Original Side Handle?
  21. Scarlet-W FINAL setup questions
  22. DSMC2 Cameras: size and form factor
  24. Frame Guide Mask?
  25. How safe is my RED in it's pelican case on an airplane?
  26. Night Manager - BBC
  27. Gold Mount Battery Charger Compatibility
  28. Tonight: Email Maintenance
  29. Do turbo minimags need additional power for offload?
  30. SXSW pre-show featuring Red Weapon, Raven, and Scarlet-W, Free Pizza & Beer Austin,TX
  31. The headaches of upgrades...
  32. For Michael Cioni fans
  33. UPDATE: RED.com Maintenance / Firmware Access
  34. Looking for accurate answers to two technical questions (bit depth and ISO)
  35. Lighting an outdoor pool scene with HMI lights
  36. Looking for Red owners in the Savannah, Georgia area
  37. RED Owners in the Idaho (Boise) area
  38. Shooting 8k on the Epic
  39. Can DSMC2 cameras shoot *only* prores if you want?
  40. Trying to figure out equipment that'd work together for this shoot
  41. EMAIL MAINTENANCE: Monday, March 21
  42. Changed maximum ISO to 3200 on UI slider in Build V6.2.51
  43. Hours of Operation - why does it matter?
  44. Rec.2020 demo at Barco used Red Dragon for viewers to examine Rec.2020, Videos avail
  45. Looking for Empty RED bodies or Damaged REDs
  46. RED.com Updates
  47. Should I wait till after NAB to buy a camera?
  48. Cinephotography Tools Update
  49. Bought some used REDVOLTS...
  50. How to protect a RED TOUCH 7" stored in a bag?
  51. MG weapon 7" monitor green tint during playback
  52. Bomb Squad Experience... is this the rule or just bad luck?
  53. RIP Red Germany?
  54. RC3-RG5!
  55. RED Skin Tone-Highlight OLPF vs. Standard OLPF - Full Dynamic Range and Comparison
  56. Keep shutter angle the same when switching frame rates?
  57. Best exposure for Landscapes
  58. Hiking with Red
  59. Need some edit help/magic with cropping
  60. Insurance (out of water and underwater)
  61. Creative Solutions acquires OFFHOLLYWOOD
  62. 10 Years...
  63. Red One MX....Still worth buying ?
  64. My 8,000th Post on REDuser
  65. The RED Camera was not a Disruptive Innovation
  66. "OK"
  67. Red Wildlife Cinematography on PBS NOVA Wednesday April 20
  68. Surf housing configuration
  69. Socanland V-Lock's - Anyone heard of them/have experience?
  70. Red Station Cable
  71. Need a Raven and an FS7!
  72. Slow Motion with RED : Best practices
  73. Phil's NAB Journal 2016
  74. SHOT WITH RED: 5 minutes short in one take
  75. The next gen sensor
  76. NAB 2016 - RED Booth 360/VR Walkthrough
  77. Blackshading--WHY?
  78. Questions regarding Pelican Case that come with the packages.
  79. OSX El Capitan 10.11.4 Upgrade (15E65) Removed Cuda Core Processing in Premiere CC
  80. How do you get Jason to respond to a request to sponsor/advertise?
  81. Red one little emergency
  82. A case for dragon+ronin
  83. DRAGON for 4K Multi Cam?
  84. Ownership Transfer question... with repair?
  85. HDRx Tip
  86. What are some good LED Options.
  87. AbelCine Rental backup option for delayed camera allocations
  88. DJI lightbridge
  89. Rental backup option for delayed camera allocations - East coast (or wherever)
  91. Weapon 8k from red store
  92. Fincher + Probst = Xenomorph - Mindhunter Camera Dept.
  93. Camera and airport security?
  94. Corrupt frame in footage
  95. DYI side pogo cover!!!
  96. RED Mini World Travel Adapter in Europe
  97. motion mount
  98. Red Sensors and Laser Star Projector or DIY Star projector solution?
  99. RED Documentary
  101. Weapon vs Scarlet-W: Cleanliness
  102. How bad is an Improper Shutdown? Low Battery Warning?
  103. Cheese plate standard vs. Red hole spacing?
  104. Hands up: REDUNDEAD for El Capitain: Who wants it?
  105. THE COLOR ROOM : Thoughts from Colorists
  106. Proposal for Redvolt V2
  107. Higher resolution slow motion workaround for Raven
  108. Pelican case Epic
  109. My custom case for Weapon/Scarlet-W/Raven
  110. Memorial Day Holiday Hours 2016
  111. Ebay-scammers, a persisting REDbuyer-problem .
  112. New NVIDIA GTX 1080
  113. REDCINE-X Error (Build 40) - GL PBO Size Error 1286 + GL Texture Size Error 1286
  114. The Battle Tested Gear
  115. Tracking Devices against thieves?
  116. Happy Birthday to the Big Man!
  117. LED malfunctioning in RED station mini-mag?
  118. Helicopter Lava Flow Shoot tomorrow!- Advice?
  119. The Secret re: M3 port/threads
  120. 8k Magnesium Weapon spotted at Cinegear!?
  121. mini mags vs standard mags
  122. Lightgear lighting question
  123. Sony E mount for RED
  124. Why RED is skipping NAB Show for Cine Gear in 2017
  125. First Time Buyer Questions
  126. Ejecting Mags
  127. Weapon hoodie?
  128. Workshops, REDucation & Underground
  129. Would RED make tempered glass screen protectors for displays
  130. GDU 40mm now available on amazon
  131. Powering Your Epic Dragon Through a Car Inverter
  132. Multiple slave cameras
  133. Purple Fringing WORSE on Dragon - PHOTOS
  134. Premier Pro 1015.3 Just Dropped
  135. Heads Up ! Red Watchdog
  136. Audio at 30 FPS?
  137. Brexit / Red Europe.
  138. Red Digital Cinema Miami
  139. Starting to shoot! Guidance please...
  140. Redcine Preview slow to "skim"
  141. Would you rather rent a complete package or a la carte?
  142. RED Lemo Cable Identification?
  143. Poll: A Red Two Too, or a Red Phone dual lens+?
  144. DSMC˛ Low Light OLPF vs. standard OLPF??
  145. Monday, July 4 - HOLIDAY
  146. Avid MXF proxy editing report
  147. Feature request, small files off loaded to personal mobil device
  148. I hope Red team read this...
  149. Discovery science, approved cameras - not red
  150. How low will the price of a One MX or Scarlet MX drop after release of the Raven?
  151. Red Rocket - Is it worth it?
  152. DSMC2 Universal Handle Bumper Giveaway
  153. Filmtools Lunch and Learn w/ Phil Holland - July 19th
  155. Stream R3D over network
  156. REDUSER - Junior Member
  157. Non Lithium batteries
  158. Aluminum vs Carbon Fiber 7" DSMC2 LCD
  159. Shooting for an interlaced broadcast station on my Epic Dragon.
  160. 4.7" monitor
  161. Glass investment...
  162. RED BRAND wireless video
  163. REDTools iOS App Update?
  164. To RED or not to RED, that's the question (coming from a7s)
  165. Suggestions for RED Brick Alternative
  166. I bought an Epic Dragon, Now what??
  167. DSMC2 EVF vs Gratical X
  169. Saw a group shooting on Epic Dragon in SF on Market near Montgomery today 7/28/16
  170. What to buy Dragon or Helium ?
  171. Ignorance. Come on, this is 2016!
  172. Cant use dual monitors with HDMI port and Lemo Adaptor A via LCD2 port
  173. Take For Granted...
  174. Will 3rd party mini mags get RED's endorsement ?
  175. Latest firmware issues
  176. Need help finding left angle lemon. Can't use the DSMC2 I/O base plate with Ronin-MX.
  177. Miami RED Store Closed Aug 3 - Aug 16
  178. Why do the WS resolutions missing a few pixels?
  179. Huge paradox, everyone is concerned here.. (8k / Vimeo / H264)
  180. Transcoding proxies in Redcine-X turns 2 mono audio channels into 1 stereo channel
  181. Foolcontrol Metadata in Premiere Pro
  182. Hear me out.... what about a REDRAID module.
  183. Travel tips with RED / Video Gear
  185. New 7" HDR 1000 NIT 10-Bit HDMI 1920 x 1080 Monitor
  186. 15mm Adapter
  187. RED.com: Down for Maintenance
  188. Shooting documentary on Red cameras
  189. Log text file ??!
  190. RED EPIC SCARLET MX upgrade 2016
  191. V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries customisable voltage warnings and auto-shutdown
  192. New 5.7" and 7" HDMI + SDI 1920 x 1080 1000:1 600 NIT Monitors with assist tools
  194. Custom Anamorphic Squeeze
  195. How to upgrade firmware without SSD ?
  196. DSMC2 Top Fans
  197. Troubleshooting Red tether with jetpack sdi
  198. why max of 7.55 FPS in 4K in raven
  199. Custom White Carbon Fiber (Coated) RED Scarlet
  201. Red batteries
  202. Support Portal is Currently Down
  203. 3rd party accessory list for the RED DSMC & DSMC2 cameras
  204. What would you call the equivalent of writer's block when shooting?
  205. Will we ever se a great autofocus on a red camera?
  206. Still Frame presets
  207. HOLIDAY: Sep 5, 2016
  208. Warranty on 2nd hand RED items that are still not one year old
  209. 3D-Printed 4.7" Touch LCD Cover
  210. Australian authorised RED service centre
  211. PL Motion Mount in Vancouver
  212. motion mount test and color shift - Anyone with similiar experience?- pics attached
  213. 8k Sensor Crop and high frame rates
  214. Wish List / New Product suggestions
  215. Can anybody tell me how to check the hour usage on the Red Epic-M?
  216. foolcontrol - - Better on iPad Mini or iPhone Plus?
  217. Preston FIZ II for RED
  218. Ronin MX with Red
  219. Editing RED footage question - Frame Rates "HELP"
  220. New Samyang Primes
  221. Red Lenses?
  222. New Cinema Lens Mount
  223. Removing stripped OLPF screw?
  224. EF Mount Case
  225. First RED camera , using it properly ?
  226. TIPS to prevent your gear from being stolen
  227. Your experience with REDucation?
  228. Red Zoom 18-85 repair
  229. Connecting Red Scarlet to iMac
  230. DSMC2 Side Handle first impressions
  231. Reliably test REDMAGS
  233. Historical cost of ownership
  234. How hard would it be to get a red epic dragon in Tanzania?
  235. Multicam, Fool Control and Tethered Recording
  236. Red EF vs. PL mount
  237. Seeking the services of R3D work flow consultant in the UK
  238. RED accounts & camera registration
  239. Google goes 4k, NHK goes 8k
  240. Hurricane Matthew
  241. 8k moves into mainstream
  242. How much should we charge if shooting on New Epic-W coming out or comparable camera?
  243. Sharp 8k Monitor
  244. Upgrade Protocol?
  245. Unprecedented and Thank You....
  246. Which OLPF for landscape
  247. 5k, 6k, or 8k what would you pick?
  248. New RED Lens(es)
  249. Rawanda experience?
  250. Flying with Red camera kill pixels?