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  1. RedCine X Pro 2 is exported TWO clips each time I export a clip ?
  2. RedCine X Pro b2 scrubbing
  3. I can't see the video anymore..
  4. RCX Pro Export filenaming
  5. Footage in CINE-X different than in ALERT!
  6. Anyone having REDCine-X and Pro Windows Vista 64 bit installation problems?
  7. Graeme's Chromagic Ipad App for Redcine?
  8. Redcine-X Pro for dummies (Apparently), Exporter Setup Task Failed.
  9. REDCINE-X Pro on set this week
  10. RCX-Pro - Bugs / Features / Wishes
  11. h.264 Audio Settings in RCX?
  12. Tangent wave issues
  13. REDCINE-X PRO adds one frame to every clip. HELP!
  14. Real DUMB RCX Pro Question...!
  15. R3D Trim of pre-build 16 footage?
  16. Green QT proxies after R3D trim
  17. Lost the export window with the cue lines
  18. preset for rec709?
  19. RCX PRO beta 3 wrong XML conform (once in a while)
  20. RED Rocket playback is not realtime
  21. Exporting a timeline from RedCine-X Pro
  22. RCX PRO beta 3 - audio is ahead of video
  23. Red Cine X Pro not utilising full cpu
  24. How Powerful is RedCineX Compared to Lustre/Scratch/Resolve?
  25. •• Cost Effective Way to Power Up REDCINE-X ••
  26. BWF Audio Metadata not handed through to Avid MXF?
  27. Transcoding RED footage to uncompressed Quicktimes
  28. Why do we need a RED Rocket card?
  29. Sync sound using RCX
  30. RED CINE-X PROBLEM "Help" ***
  31. change r3d file metadata in Post
  32. RCXP B3 Observations
  33. REDline fit option problem
  34. Clean install of RedCine-X?
  35. RED Cine X EPIC RED Gamma and RED Color preference setting possible?
  36. zoom and squash in RCX?
  37. RCX Pro - adding music track
  38. RCXP B3 framing fail
  39. Saving LUT presets from RC-X to an EPIC?
  40. RCX 3 and Red Rocket
  41. I'd kiss RCX-Pro on the mouth if it would do 3:2 pulldown.
  42. trying rcx-p on linux...
  43. Importing FCP XML - In and Out points
  44. Help - can't get Redcine X to export into FOLDERS ...DPX render
  45. Possible to change the base 'frame rate' metadata in r3ds?
  46. whats the film stock and conversion gamma for DPX log to lin from redlog output?
  47. Audio not playing when using Rocket out
  48. max number of clips you can export
  49. Red Export module 32 bit
  50. how to Redcine-X / FCP /FINAL CUT PRO roundtrip?
  51. Clear ALL in/out points for hundreds of clips at once
  52. System fonts and graphics cards
  53. Problem with export AAF and MXF ...
  54. Why Do Some R3D Files Show Up BAD in RedCineX ???
  55. RMD & RSX files in REDCINE X PRO
  56. Cine-X PRO Short Cuts
  57. Help Me out please!
  58. Video card did not meet requirements
  59. Redline
  60. Bug?
  61. RCX 501 Bug
  62. Quick Q: Do you need a Red Rocket to run Redcine-X PRO ?
  63. RCP rel 3, exported clips cut off after 2.15 GB
  64. XML Opens ins RCP but RCX
  65. RCP REL 4 - big ProRes files last few secounds missing
  66. How to change Detail to "Leading Lady"
  67. Seeing in RCX what the sensor is seeing
  68. REDCine-X Pro Beta Build 4: HDR mode switching with mouse movement
  69. RedCine-X Pro and Audio Syncing
  70. Converting R3D 5K to R3D 4K for FCS Color
  71. RCX CDL and .CUBE
  72. Stupid question
  73. no audio render out redcinex or redcine x pro?
  74. Help: How to modify r3d's already in a project in NLE?
  75. Redcine X 5K to 1920x1080
  76. System Requirements?
  77. Epic 3D Dailies Using RCX Pro Beta 5?
  78. ProRes 422 HQ export doesnt match color grading in cine-x pro
  79. odd banding, grid, screen door look when in full resolution redcine x pro
  80. RCX-Pro is getting sooo cool, but what about montoring?
  81. Redcine X Pro - Free Tutorial
  82. Conform to different proxies based off source resolution
  83. Audio causing crash in RCX-Pro
  84. Redcine X pro and Epic Audio speed problem
  85. Redcine-X Quicktime Export - No choice on timecode? - No control over audio specs?
  86. Auto match off by 1 frame often. Anyone else?
  87. Problems with transcode - HELP!
  88. WTB: CineX Private Lessons in San Diego
  89. Separate Audio Track
  90. HDRx - Tone Mapping and Control
  91. Redcine X cutting R3D files
  92. scarlet noise and need help with redcine-x denoise
  93. Exporting full clips from timeline
  94. question on color space for transcode/export
  95. "Decode Failed" ??? REDCINE-X PRO 7 Build 7
  96. STRANGE...
  97. Redcine-X - Sync LE and RE Prior to Export
  98. Toggle L-R for grouped clips in bin?
  99. RCX Pro - Post:Look:Affects do not affect SDI out from Rocket
  100. I can't change the Output Folder in RCX-PRO
  101. feature request
  102. The Good News..
  103. Redcine-X Transcoding to H264 results in occasional picture scrambling
  104. Redcine-X CPU benchmarking with standard clip?
  105. General overview of RedcineX Workflow?
  106. Does RCX Ignore Ins and Outs?
  107. REDline internal error
  108. RED Watchdog Bug?
  109. Missing Color Space / Gamma Space options for RED-CINE X Pro Build 8 Beta
  110. Unable to update RedCineX Pro ?
  111. RCX Pro QT export of timeline is incorrect clip sequence
  112. Export audio only from Redcine X?
  113. REDline metadata does not display HDRx values correctly
  114. Request: REDcolor2 in tiff export settings
  115. Export with Scale
  116. Exporting from Red Cine X pro - using multiple cores.
  117. RCX ver 506 vs RCX-Pro and advanced tutorials for color correction?
  118. any way to change Red cine X pro Skins?
  119. Black Levels Quicktime (uncompressed/Animation) vs REDCine-X
  120. So how do I stop it processing the entire clip?
  121. RCX-PRO monochrome channel viewer?
  123. RCX PRO and Red Rocket problems PLEASE help
  124. [SOLVED] REDline issue: REDline hangs on execution
  125. HDRx metadata values
  126. Need RED REDCODE™ RAW (.R3D) video
  127. Error Decoding Frame in Redcine-x Pro v9 with Red Epic footage.
  128. HDRx does not support float pixel types yet
  129. Feature request for Redcine X
  130. RCX Pro quit when exporting DnxHD
  131. Please make HDRx clips open with Magic Motion by default.
  132. Future Request RedCine-X Pro for Photographers
  133. Timelapse in Redcine X?
  134. Not licensed for use -- disable
  135. REDCINE-X: Exporter setup task failed!
  136. Best way to go from RCXP to FCP and then back?
  137. Native redlog film monitor calibration?
  138. RCX Pro 9 -- no more Alchemy Group?
  139. My Alchemy settings are not transferring over to Premiere Pro
  140. Tint Removal in RCX-P?
  141. Weird Drive "Folder" in Devices window..?
  142. REDCINE-X FCP workflow for Lomo Anamorphic footage
  143. Error processing frame 0 build 506
  144. Blackmagic
  145. R3D TRIM with HANDLES?
  146. Red Cine feature request - Auto Levels
  147. QT Wrappers are grey
  148. Frame Store Broken?
  149. Pro Res not given as an option when viewing QuickTime encoding options.
  150. redcine super slow rendering
  151. I can't install REDCINE-X on my PC
  152. corrupted frames in RCX 10
  153. Burn In - preview and control over position
  154. TOD Timecode - Not display correctly needs 24 hour clock
  155. RedCine Flaw: Framing 4K-HD to 1.9:1
  156. Fastest way to generate proxies - Software scaling
  157. RCX-Pro Freezing on FLUT etc
  158. RedCine-X Pro feature request
  159. Simple Effects like Grads or Vignettes?
  160. Exporting ProRes and maintaining color
  161. Any help? Clips exporting form red cine with no look applied
  162. Quad HD -> 1080p deBayer
  163. Audio export (BWF) in RCX Pro (build 10) fails on the last few frames....
  164. Lock aspect ratio Bug
  165. Streaming Dailies?
  166. Problems exporting from RedcineX to Premiere Pro 5.5
  167. Anaglyph Red/Cyan export out of REDCine-X Pro
  168. RCX not taking advantage of hardware...
  169. Getting "IN" and "OUT" of RedCineX ??
  170. RedCine-X Pro giving error message on export
  171. Dual Monitor Support
  172. 6 ROCKETS and REDCINE-X PRO v9
  173. Redcine-X monitor color space
  174. Feedback on Stills workflow
  175. Speeding up R3D Trim?
  176. Quick question. Export Scaling Speed
  177. files missing from folders!?
  178. Why does RCXP ask about updates every startup?
  179. HDRX tab doesn't show up in RCX.
  180. What are you doing with all that Epic footage?
  181. two questions ;-)
  182. Convert uncompressed, 4:4:4, TIFF, DPX, ETC to R3D and import into REDCINE -X PRO
  183. Red Cine-X Pro Bin Anamorphic export settings not working!
  184. REDLine Workflow Question
  185. RED Cine X Rogue Frames During Playback
  186. REDCINEX pdf issue
  187. Bit depth when exporting from RCX Pro to ProRes
  188. 3D output issue
  189. Hotkey to switch between orginal picture and modified?
  190. Raw footage and Green screen
  191. RCX-Pro crashing frequently
  192. Pro res? Where is it?
  193. Look Presets vs. Look Manager
  194. Does it actually work?
  195. Relinking Audio, One RCX File to Rule Them All
  196. redcine X vs. redcine X pro
  197. REDline Lift-Gamma-Gain
  198. Colorspace question
  199. RedCine X Pro - Title Workflow
  201. RED CINE X PRO - LAYOUT REQUEST - Detachable viewer window
  202. Any idea when an updated REDCINE-X will be availbe as beta 10 effects have expired...
  203. Batch Export Sequences from REDCINE X PRO
  204. Alchemy Expired in Beta Build 10
  205. ISO Adjustment VS Levels
  206. Red One and Epic combined
  207. Noise in the blacks
  208. What are the best redcine-x settings for point tracking?
  209. Export does nothing
  210. RCX playback stops when Tangent Wave is adjusted
  211. feature request - channelmixer, and ability to extract/mix single channels
  212. New RCXP Crashing after install
  213. RCX Pro build 11: FCP-X XML import
  214. Constant errors when trying to export quicktime files
  215. Handle Bug in RedCineX Pro Build 11
  216. Redgamma 3 work with Primiere Pro
  217. RedCine Feature request
  218. beach ball of death
  219. RCX Export Audio only AVID question.
  220. Redcine X - 2:40 center cut extraction
  221. Reliable Transcoder
  222. Stills Workflow Improvements
  223. Are there TUTORIALS on RedCineX ??
  224. Banding
  225. RedCine-X Feature Request - Fine Control
  226. Editing Masterclass?
  227. Alchemy rendering times
  229. video setup for quicktime export doesn't open
  230. RCX 12 beta and Hyper threading
  231. HELP- Need link to download RCX PRO BUILD 11
  232. Multiple Clips
  233. Quicktime gamma issue
  234. Auto save RMDs and DropBox. YES!
  235. Red Cine-X beta 12 Tiff export not working properly.
  236. Any chance for Cineform Export on Windows?
  237. Applying RC3+RLF to all clips
  238. Alchemy: what is it, how to use, when to use...?
  239. RedCine-X only outputting edgecode
  240. Export Button Grey-ed Out
  241. DPX export from Redcine X
  242. 5K R3D Trim
  243. RedCine Playback Speed Issue
  244. Redcine-X, unsharp mask and red line
  245. Line in Resolution size in RED Cine x Pro 2
  246. Feature Request: Look History
  247. Having a weird RCX glitch.... Screen shot inside
  248. RC-X trim tool question
  249. Export ProRes 4444 in Windows 7 ?
  250. Why can't Redcine become an Editing program ?