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  1. Welcome Home Love
  2. ... extended magic hour ... #dragon #berlin
  3. What's going on with the Red Rocket X card??
  5. Dragon new OLPF w/ super saturated Reds
  6. ... available, practical, low lights ... #dragon #red
  7. #DRAGON doing work...#DTLA
  8. Is RED upgrading EPIC-X yet?
  9. Dragon w/New OLPF issue? (Addressed by Red)
  10. DRAGON CF a.k.a. "RYOKU Chan" in Sao Paulo , Brazil!
  12. A.D.D. snap of 6K FF Dragon finishes with no output.
  13. Edit 6k Dragon footage on a Microsoft tablet
  14. Dragon R3D's anyone?
  15. Dragon and Timecode
  16. Davinci Resolve 10.1.3 performance report on DRAGON footage with 8C nMP
  17. Dragon Non-Linear Color Response?
  18. DRAGON OLPF tests
  19. New OLPF adds noise?
  20. DRAGON REDCODE test (old OLPF)
  21. Dragon + Lomo Annie = Vibe
  22. Dragon Scarlet upgrade what is your best guess?
  23. Dragon Night Test - 6K R3D Snaps and Clips
  24. REQUEST: Red Dragon vs 35mm film. Side by side test....
  25. Dude, Where's My CF Mini SSD Side Module??
  26. IRND's and dragon
  27. Sonnet Mac Pro 4U Rackmount Expansion Chassis and RR-X
  28. Dragon photo session with Nikon glass
  29. Red Dragon UHD 4K Workshop South Korea - w/ many images and breakdown
  30. Any news from RED about new stuff for NAB 2014?
  31. RED Dragon vs. 65mm Film cont'd
  32. Has anyone actually gotten a sensor upgrade?
  33. Meaning of 16.5 stops of Dynamic Range
  34. Dragon now supports holding 4 black shade profiles
  35. The one question that's on everybody's mind...
  36. Gone Girl Footage (Shot on Dragon)
  37. DRAGON in-camera 3D LUTs?
  38. Can't download new Dragon Firmware. "Locked"!!!
  40. 45K to spend and request assistance
  41. Cineflex Ultra, RED Dragon, and GEO+ Real-time Virtual Overlay for VFX
  42. RED EPIC DRAGON M8 . . . "C h r o n i c l e s "
  43. Probst with Dragon unreal again Alica Keys / Kendrick Lamar / Pharrell / Hanz Zimmer
  44. I am teaching a class on FXPHD about the now very useful Speedgrade
  45. Any official updates from Red on how upgrades are going?
  46. Dragon Black Cal - strange noise pattern at 12800
  48. DragonColor/RG4 in firmware 5.1.47?
  49. Red DragonColor not linking w/ Premiere Pro CC
  50. Dragon - Simple exposure thoughts.
  51. Questions on dragon
  52. DRAGON #1414 has landed - New York City
  53. Dragon pt 3 back home
  54. FCP X - DRAGON
  55. Dragon test
  56. Got My Dragon Upgrade Email
  57. Dragon = Mini Mag 512's?
  58. FANS: Adaptive 65 or Adaptive 70?
  59. Epic M #831 sent in on Friday for upgrade
  60. BS - How does your cold boot look?
  61. Jeff's Dragon Machine... Let's do it Jeff... ;)
  62. Beethoven under Fire
  63. DSMC Fan 2.0 Kit - Audio Performance
  64. How can I make my next Dragon out of Valyrian Steel?
  65. Matte Box that covers 6k on the dragon
  66. Canon 1Dx lower light than Dragon?
  68. Dragon is a field of Wild Flowers!
  69. underexpose test with the Dragon
  70. MHD -> Dragon on Dragon
  71. Dragon & Niuk
  72. Dragon Skin Tone and Lighting Test - NSFW
  73. Dragon meeting Grandpa´s Camera
  74. More Dragon Samples with R3D stills ...
  75. Dragon aces "red" stress test
  76. Red Dragon and Pinhole Lens (ISO 12800)
  77. DRAGON + $20 Lens = great colors
  78. Be Careful If you Already Paid in Full Your EPIC to DRAGON UPGRADE!!!
  79. 325 f/s Dragon
  80. Epic Fan V1 on Dragon?
  81. 4K Mega-trumpet Chart vs. Dragon & Epic-MX
  82. Message for Jared
  83. 6K Editing on a TABLET? SURFACE PRO2 is the bomb!
  84. Red Dragon #0475 & #1054 Have Arrived!
  85. Dragons Arrive
  86. Née GPU's for dragon footage
  87. Dragon arrives on "The Southwest" film
  88. Mono Dragon R3D's First Look
  89. Dragon Dynamic Range
  90. Louisiana Dragons in the house
  91. First Two Dragons available for rent in San Francisco!
  92. Dragon for Hire in Australia???
  93. Dragon Monochrome tonal response
  94. RED Dragon lands in Oakland
  95. Dragon has screwed my workflow - where is my red rocket x?
  96. DRAGON arrives to Sydney, Australia
  97. Dragon compared to 35mm Vision3 200T
  98. Dragon - Initial Reaction After Taken Delivery
  99. Dragon and MasterPrimes
  100. Red Rocket X, when ? Red team can you give us some guidance?
  101. DragonColor into Resolve how to? on project already started.
  102. How well does Dragon cut with RED One MX?
  103. What and where is 5.5K?
  104. Attempting to match GH4 to DRAGON (my results thus far)
  105. How to remove focus dist?
  106. 6k 100fps data usage per second
  107. DragonColour VS RedColour3
  108. Red Color in Dragon
  109. Dragon + Leica M lenses - Whats your favorite leica m lens with Dragon??
  110. Dilated exposure ?
  111. Best format for working with Dragon in post (raw not an option)
  112. Epic Dragon 00517 in San Francisco
  113. DRAGON EPIC-M (#478) lands in Hollywood
  114. Dragon mentioned in Wired Magazine - Creature's of the Deep
  115. dragon seems to need Blackshading more often?
  116. Interesting Test between film, Dragon and 5D Mark III raw
  117. Epic Dragon (M#1501) is already in Madrid (Spain)
  118. Very High Red-orange Noise Levels Without Black Shade
  119. DRAGON lands in New Jersey
  120. Dragon vs MX rate increase
  121. Any experiences shooting with lenses for 16mm on Dragon?
  122. Cooke Panchros S2/3 on Dragon
  123. Scarlet Dragon on Game of Thrones
  124. Dragons First Shoot, practicals only
  125. Rocket-X with Premiere
  126. James Morgan's "MEET ME THERE" - THIS IS A DRAGON REEL.
  127. Rocket-X and ADD and RocketX performance in general
  128. So I was out with the Elk today
  129. Dragon has arrived in Munich / Germany
  130. Fabien Cousteau - Red Dragon - Mission 31
  131. Dragon vs Canon 1Dx Color Matching
  132. Need 2 Carbon Dragons in Europe
  133. Mini mag reader needed in Austin ASAP 06/02/14 540pm
  134. 15mm Lightweight Adapter for Dragon
  135. Best practice for exposing Dragon?
  136. draon r3d files for download quick and dirty FOV test 8mm rokinon various resolutions
  137. Dragon + 512 Redmag framerate
  138. Aliasing in Dragon Footage
  139. Dragon footage for soul please!
  140. Dragon Dynamic Range Test - 21 stop chart
  141. HELP! Dragon Noise after Black Shading from 60p w/ 1/120 Shutter
  142. Dragon arrived
  143. Dragon compression w/512 ssd
  144. Pro I/O Module Needed Friday 6/6
  145. Sevens Sins: A Dragon Test Shoot.
  146. Can we get an update on the status of Rocket-X?
  147. 6K Super 35mm Sized Frame
  148. Epic to Dragon upgrade question.
  149. Dragon Firmware download locked
  150. Dragon GOALPOSTS and Exposure Tool
  151. DRAGON vs EPIC MX Noise - NOT GOOD
  152. What's better quality 6k @ 60 fps, 13:1, or
  154. When you upgrade your M or X to Dragon, does it keep the same serial number?
  155. Thanks Ketch!
  156. SCARLET DRAGON -- discuss here, in the SCARLET forum, or a new forum?
  157. Trouble Shooting a Flickery Source: Help
  158. Dragon vs MX framing (with Super 35 ref)
  159. Red Dragon ISO Texture Versus Film Grain
  160. Well, I'm astounded.
  161. SO how are Dragon rentals going in your market?
  162. Black Shading:A look under the hood
  163. Noise Issue with Dragon
  164. First Dragon Production
  165. Why film will stay the king...
  167. So… Would like to hear other opinions/experiences on noise
  168. Proud Father of a bouncing CF Dragon
  169. Feathers - 6K Dragon test film
  170. Red Epic Dragon #04041 "Falcore" - Atlanta, GA
  171. Noise on the low end but even worse scary megenta lines
  172. Need Carbon Red for testing
  173. Shooting monochrome on my non-monochrome Dragon
  174. Dragon Landed in Dubai
  175. Scarlet Dragon hdrx specs?
  176. Not getting 120fps but 4K 2:1 and lower on Dragon?
  177. ISO100 Color Science
  178. WHAT IF RED MADE HI ISO / HI SPEED / HI RES cameras ?
  179. WHAT IF RED MADE HI ISO / HI SPEED / HI RES cameras ?
  180. Field comparison of New OLPF vs. Old OLPF (inspired by ISO vs. Film Grain)
  181. Dragon low end predominantly red noise & high speed question & Ultraprime coverage
  183. Live Grading on Dragon
  184. vimeo staff pick -TOM FUGLE (shot on dragon)
  185. dragon & mx side by side in the dark...
  186. Monochrome Dragon! A true Beast!
  187. Dragon in Seattle? I have a Letus Helix!
  188. Does changing the firmware change "hours of operation"
  189. Your Favourite Zoom
  190. ARe people still getting their upgrade e-mails?
  191. Release date for Graeme's noise fix?
  192. Just sent my Epic for the Dragon Upgrade, how do I feel?
  193. Noise update coming soon?
  194. Any Dragon owners in Vancouver that will swap their Dragon now for days later?
  195. First Working Day With Dragon
  196. Best ND filters for Dragon?
  197. Available Light with Dragon
  198. My Red Scarlet Dragon 'Targaryen' - Wow I'm Impressed!!!
  199. My Scarlet Dragon arrived - noisy, but otherwise great!
  200. Digging the Dragon... not worried about noise
  201. little thoughts :)
  202. Beautiful new 'Gone Girl' trailer
  204. Shot on Dragon
  205. Dragon vs MX crazy noise
  206. Dragon Calibration Idea, Can we have it ALL ?
  207. Scarlet Dragon has landed and the images are beautiful...
  208. Exodus: Gods and Kings
  209. a satisfied customer ...
  210. Scarlet Dragon what & when to expect
  211. Videoclip - Shot on rED Dragom :)
  212. So about this new OLPF... Does it behave like an ND filter?
  213. Scarlet Dragon test #2
  214. oh dragon, MY DRAGON!
  215. 250 ISO Looks great.
  216. Creating Menu Presets
  217. DRAGON: I like it...
  218. DRAGON: Improve it...
  219. Red Mini Mag Case?
  220. Pro I/O fan not working with Dragon
  221. Temperature and Black Shading
  222. World's first 6K flying FIZ
  223. MX and Dragon Comparison
  224. The ones who have loved - Short shot on DRAGON
  225. Dragon Update Asap
  226. Dragon at 400 ISO
  227. Dragon vs Whatever
  228. Dragon Run & Gun Shots
  229. MX and Dragon Comparison Part 2
  230. Finally having some quality time with Dragon again
  231. Finally Got my Upgrade Email Have Questions
  232. Stops lost in the darks?
  233. Dragon Burst Mode
  234. Maximum FPS, 6K and 324 FPS?
  235. How quickly are new Epic M Dragon orders getting out these days?
  236. New Mac Pro & Dragon
  237. Motion Mount PL & Zeiss Standards
  238. Anyone got skin tone samples shot with Dragon OLFP 2 and RedDragon color/gamma?
  239. High DR R3D files?
  240. Angenieux Optimo DP Rouge 16-42 mm matched 3D lenses
  241. higher frame rates
  242. Dragon M with magenta highlights
  243. About to have first Dragon shoot
  244. First Dragon at The White House!
  245. Frame summing
  246. Blown Away By Dragon
  247. Shot on Dragon: Bozz March-Dartman
  248. 512 Turbo SSD compression
  249. scarlet dragon to epic dragon upgrade path?
  250. Black Shading Tests