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  1. Tiffen VND filter on Dragon looks great
  2. Epic to Dragon upgrade time limit...
  3. Trying out Dragon with Canon FD lenses.
  4. Interval frames and can you choose?
  5. Double Chinese Dragons - Qoros Car Commercial shot in central China
  6. After updating & Black Shading still getting Noise
  8. How not to use a DRAGON
  9. Upgrade to old OLPF option ...
  10. OLPF "stack" standards
  11. Question about the Dragon softness and noise ratio.
  12. Fire Breathing Dragon
  13. Tungsten and Dragon
  14. Ultra high speed compression examples?
  15. Dragon vs Alexa ACES Color Space
  16. Got my alllocation, excited
  17. GPUs for 6k
  18. "Dueling with DRAGON: RED's 6K Sensor Takes on Older MX in This EPIC Camera Shootout"
  19. Dragon + Motion Mount + Tiffen IRND, Blue = Purple???
  20. Galaxy trio viral red dragon
  21. Which OLPF?
  22. A Dragon assesment...
  23. Gate shadow - On OLPF1 & 2?
  24. Old vs New OLPF simple shadows comparison ?
  25. Roland Emmerich goes Dragon
  26. Horrible magenta flare caused by highlights
  27. Is the new OLPF doing something that filtration and post could do?
  28. Red dragon: full frame...
  29. Getting the most out of the new OLPF
  30. Strasbourg 9pm - 1am with Dragon, low light ...
  31. DRAGON: Florence, Italy
  32. Dragon Power Consumption?
  33. Dragons on Bluffs and Babies
  34. Epic Dragon and scarlet mx on a project
  35. Transcoding Dragon Footage on the new Mac Pro
  36. HDMI / SDI resolution drop during playback on brain
  37. DEB Comparison
  38. Dragon + Motion Mount + Kowa PL Anamorphic
  39. 2015 Para Pan Am Games spot shot on Epic/Dragon
  40. Dragon upgrade or 2 new URSA Cams?
  41. Robert Zemeckis goes DRAGON
  42. Just Clip Those Highlights! It's Dragon Why Not?
  43. RED Dragon, lomo Anamorphics, Movi
  44. Red Dragon with Master Primes
  45. does the rocket-x do DEB?
  46. OLD or NEW DRAGON OLPF ?... What's best.
  47. Bikes, Cars, Dragon, Ronin = Fun
  48. Protecting your Dragon in extreme conditions
  49. On The Horizon Feature film to be shot on RED DRAGON
  50. Dragon V2 OLPF plus REDlink with Fool Control
  51. Monochrome Dragon in the house
  52. Dragon Tips and Tricks.
  53. Dragon Monochrome dynamic range.
  54. FENCES - ARROWS (feat. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO shot with Dragon
  55. Dragon Monochrome in Los Angeles?
  56. Zeiss CP.2 50mm 2.1 FOR SALE!!
  57. Red One match with Scarlet Dragon
  58. Dragon Front Fan
  59. Fan cover or am I crazy
  60. Flare - OLPF Port Bushing for Dragon?
  61. Will RED offer a Scarlet Dragon upgrade to Epic Dragon?
  62. Anamorphic Mode Question
  63. Dragon V2 Aerial Night Shoot Advice
  64. Dragon and Post Production - Are we there yet?
  65. Dragon with no OLPF
  66. Dragon Firmware Locked ?
  67. Dragon arrives in NE Scotland
  68. Widest MP lens for Dragon sensor
  69. Anyone have experience with Beta 5.2.21?
  70. Just upgraded: Data integrity error - Vertical artifacts
  71. DRAGON update money sent. EPIC Dragon 2029 "Lilau" is born. Low Light OLPF selected
  72. Mixing Dragon and Epic together
  73. Dragon won't upgrade
  74. Where can I download a Full 6K R3D?
  75. HERE BE DRAGONS - a 6K screening event in Melbourne Australia
  76. Calibration Card request
  77. Battle tested Dragon, Scarlet Dragon and Scarlet MX
  78. Battle Tested Dragons!
  79. Scarlet Dragon frame rates
  80. scarlet Dragon and green screen.
  81. OLPF v1 and v2
  82. In camera gyro data for stablization?
  83. Black Shading (again) Strategies
  84. Dragon sensor noise, fix yet ?
  85. Ultra Wide glass
  86. Dragon noise - do i smth wrong ?!
  87. Looking for advise/suggstions in kitting out 2x Dragon system
  88. Why HDR is not enabled in the new firmware of the Dragon EPIC HDR?
  89. Epic Dragon side handle and Bomb EVF How many minutes with revolts?
  90. Horizontal Magenta CMOS Lines Continued
  91. Kmart Commercial Shot on Dragon and anamorphic lenses
  92. These dirty words (short 7 min film on dragon)
  94. CF Epic Dragon - Canon EF mount
  95. Can't Stop Shooting!
  96. The toe and the shoulder Dragon DR
  97. DEB - false positives?
  98. How about the "new OLPF" color filter... as a 4x5.65 or screw-on?
  99. Dragon White Balance
  100. REDgamma4 LUT
  101. Fashion Films for FLAUNT shot on dragon
  103. Dragon I love it (GL 11-16mm,18-35mm, lensbaby)
  104. Red dragon recording resolution error?
  105. Intercutting RED One MX with Dragon. . .
  106. first time shooting with Red Dragon some advices
  107. Stolen RED DRAGON #01615
  108. D.E.B. causing red edges?
  109. HDR intermittant with Dragon and 5.2.28
  110. OLPF V1 Samples
  111. Scarlet to Epic Dragon Upgrades
  113. Red Draon and Nuke
  114. dragon with noctilux questions
  115. Celebrating my 1000th reduser post with this!
  116. Which do you prefer? A finished 4K aesthetic question!
  117. Is it possible to shoot Dragon at 2K HD?
  119. Dragon powering off / Switronix? or Firmware?
  120. Red DRAGON Not seeing Lens data on Canon. Other issues
  121. File recorded twice on the SSD
  122. Best iso setting for dragon
  123. Need to have latest firmware for Dragon
  124. Dragon focus Issue?
  125. Low light test with the dragon
  126. Love the new The DSMC® Low Light Optimized OLPF!!! ETA when it comes out?
  127. raw test comparing Epic and Dragon
  128. Dragon HDMI out res issues
  129. Dragon @ the wedge
  130. Exposure Tool
  131. Allright, I'm convinced :)
  132. From OLPF 2 to OLPF 1
  133. First Look: Interchangeable OLPF on Dragon
  134. Shot on Dragon with Lomo Anamorphic lenses
  135. Dragon finally home again - here is the result
  136. Dragon vs Alexa 65
  137. Noah music video shot on dragon
  138. Quiet Record seems broken in 5228
  139. Upgrade to mini-mag from redmag for Dragon?
  140. Nikon Mount + Dragon...any issues?
  141. More silence from me...
  142. Force menus out?
  143. warming up Dragon sensor
  144. Vertical Line in Dragon Files
  145. Dragon+Primos=Lurve
  146. Dragon Rules...see what we went through in 2012 to get 2k for Malick
  147. Shooting Lightning on Dragon - Banding Issues
  148. Scarlet Dragon or Epic Dragon
  149. Fan settings? Ideas for maintaining Black Shade temps while recording sync sound
  150. Focus Confirm inconsistent between Normal and Zoom display.
  151. Lightest Vlock, Batt, Mount, Charger 2x Dragon traveling rig?
  152. Flying commercial airlines with Dragon
  153. MetaData is not saved per frame?
  154. BOMB EVF [LCOS] On Dragon-Opinions? Suggestions?
  155. Rainbow striping on image
  156. Motion mount built in IR - colour shift with dragon new olpf
  157. Upgrade price increase
  158. Standard OLPF + Low Contrast 1/8
  159. split SDI?
  160. Strange vertical lines in Dragon Carbon
  161. Epic-x Dragon Release date
  162. Take off OLPF on Red Dragon
  163. Dragon heat and Li Batteries
  164. side handle on dragon
  165. black shading dragon
  166. Feature film shot on Dragon - REPARATION
  167. Scarlet Dragon Resolution vs. compression decisions
  168. Updated Low Light OLPF Examples
  169. Highlight "Blooming" from THE KNICK
  170. New Firmware LUT question
  171. Dragon Has More Noise Than MX???
  172. Mobile Rocket for RED by Maxx Digital
  174. QUICK HELP (re: Blackshading/Fans/DRAGON Exposure / Sensor Warming Up)
  175. Swim.com Commercial Shot On Dragon and Kowa Anamorphics
  176. EPIC DRAGON + RPZ 17-50
  177. Nice write-up about SNL's 40th anniversary Title Sequence, largely shot on Dragon
  178. Need Low Light Optimized OLPF
  179. First shot with my new Dragon
  180. Dragon vs. Mysterium-X sensor & format size
  181. Epic -> Dragon Turnaround time.
  182. How much are used Epic DRAGONS?
  183. Dragon example
  184. OLPF
  185. Precision Robot Camera Arm?
  186. Horizontal Bars on Images from Dragon
  187. how to edit 6k dragon for 4k delivery
  188. I'm not working my editors hard enough
  189. Dragon 4 Color ????
  190. Is RED undead gone (Dragon recovery)
  191. Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis Shot on Epic or Dragon...Has anyone done it
  192. When will new Epic Dragon X's be available for purchase?
  193. Red Dragon Workshop - Tokyo 2014
  194. Dragon color: Art Adams looks at tungsten vs. daylight
  195. Now what?
  196. DRAGON Upgrade advantages for a primarily 16:9 projects?
  197. future of black shade system and procedures.
  198. Sport action photoshooting with ski alpine star Marcel Hirscher on RED Epic Dragon 6K
  199. Eminem - The Monster Tour Opening Film - Shot on Anamorphic Dragons
  200. Compression Wedges
  201. Scarlet Dragon - 6k - 24fps?
  202. Dragon-X? too soon to ask?
  203. Coke & (RED) Baby Symphony shot on Dragon
  204. RAM air cooling effect on black-shading and noise.
  205. Carbon Dragon and EF Mounts
  206. Possible Bug?
  207. New Baby Bliss
  208. HELP! Dragon Drone Aerial - Copter, Wireless Monitoring and Zoom/F Advice?
  209. Artemis View Finder APP - No Dragon!
  210. RED Touch LCD refresh rate
  211. Low Light Optimised OLPF thoughts
  212. Dragon/Helix headed to Camerimage, Berlin and Venice
  213. Taylor Swift - Blank Space music video, shot with Dragons and the Ronin.
  214. Dragon 6k to 1080 Pro Res 422 Problems in Redcine-x
  215. Another one drops… Fergie, "LA Love" - Crazy Multi Dragon "Live" flash-mob Music Vid.
  217. Machine Gun Kelly Shot on Epic Dragon
  218. Music Video: Nigel Stanford - Cymatics : a video about sound interacting with matter.
  219. IR Filter VS IR OLPF
  220. Epic dragon and SDI audio monitor compatibility.
  221. Dragon vs other tools
  222. Scarlet Dragon 150fps @2k WS... is it even worth it? You decide.
  223. Composing the David Fincher way
  224. To Dragon or not
  225. Scarlet Dragon Noise Floor Issue
  226. Just Another "What Should I Do/Upgrade" Post...
  227. Monochrome MX vs Dragon
  228. How much differrence is in the Dragon footage to MX footage in Post?
  229. Any Updates?
  230. Epic Playback Resolution?
  231. 6k Anamorphic Zoom?
  232. Dragon Upgrade
  233. Possibile to Upgrade from Scarlet Dragon to Epic Dragon??
  234. Shot on Dragon with Ultra Primes
  235. Nissan Juke - Dragons and Phantoms play nicely together
  236. Dragon and low light noise
  237. I've worked with the Scarlet/Epic but not the Dragon yet...
  238. Best Settings for Time Lapse with a streaky look? frame Summing?
  239. IRND with Dragon Sensor
  240. DSMC Modular Assault Plate Pack and Dragon
  241. Monitoring and EVF questions for light-ish shoulder rigs
  242. Does interchangeable filter come with new Dragon upgrades?
  243. Dragon and 19-90 Fujinon cabrio metadata, works ! BUT......
  244. Dragon upgrade. If I already own the Fan Upgrade?
  245. (major) R3D - Green Hue Shift in Premier Pro CC 2014 w/ Blackmagic Deckllink Extreme
  246. "DRAGON" engraving on side SSD during upgrade?
  247. Would love to see side by side Dragon skin vs MX Epic skin
  248. "The Golden Cane Warrior" - First Indonesian Feature Shot on Dragon
  249. Dragon with old Front-Fan: is it safe?
  250. Dragon Artifacts