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  1. Dragon Artifacts
  2. scarlet dragon
  3. So it's done
  5. Button Presets & Looks for download
  7. Debayer not applied in rcx build 35623
  8. How to find out which OLPF is installed?
  9. New SNL intro shot on Dragon
  10. Epic-X Dragon to DxO mark?
  11. Just shipped Wally to Cali for Dragon Upgrade!!!!
  12. After DRAGON what is developing at RED....????
  13. PRO I/O Module.... Work with dragon?
  14. Leica M Lenses on DRAGON (findings)
  15. Dragon back from RED with magenta glow?
  16. Sci Fi Series (Dragon M with Kowa 2x Ana)
  17. crop factor for anamorphic lens on dragon
  18. Dragon + Schneider Xenar IIIs
  19. On Day 3 of Dragon Upgrade
  20. Audio sync
  22. Super wide on 6k FF Dragon
  23. Strange flicker on down-conversion - Can someone help?
  24. DEB & Premiere Pro
  25. Scarlet Dragon fan question
  26. Looking for Red Epic Dragon owners in or around Vancouver
  28. Epic-X Dragon Kit For Sale Just in Time for The Holidays :)
  29. Dragon 2k 240fps
  30. Best Setting for Noise (65c VS 70c)
  31. Dragon + Lomo Anamorphic Square Fronts - Initial Tests
  32. Black And White on Color Dragon with RED filter
  33. Lens mount not recognised after Dragon upgrade
  34. Carbon Dragon
  36. Help with lenses for 6k & Beyond
  37. SEKONIC L 578 C Profil
  38. Just received my Dragon
  39. Native Dragon ISO…once and for all!
  40. Dragon + MM + Canon 100-400 + 1.4x = trouble
  41. eBay campaign shot on two dragons
  42. HighLight Skin Tone OLPF Vs Low Light OLPF
  43. black shade calibration failure
  44. Purple Streaks from ND/Pola?
  45. Leica 19mm on Dragon
  46. The need for Higher speed media for Dragon?
  47. Best Method for Cleaning OLPFs
  48. Purchasing Dragon - kit recommendations
  49. Hobbit HFR Project Timeline
  50. 2x Desqeezed 6k to 1080p Best Workflow?
  51. MX vs. DRAGON w/ Low-Light OLPF
  53. Epic Dragon 5kWS 120FPS
  54. Shooting in the sandy desert. Advice?
  55. What went wrong, if anything, here? Dragon noise level
  56. Red Dragon fps range
  57. Hyperfocal Distance chart for Dragon sensor.
  58. Shane Hurlburt is putting the Dragon through Camera test right now!
  59. Is the OLPF DIY kit program dead?
  60. HDMI Output Issues (Dragon + QTake Lite)
  61. With the release of Gone Girl on Blu-ray on Tuesday, will there be a .....
  62. Shane Hurlbut, ASC - Fan of Dragon?
  63. Sharpest Image from Dragon 6k
  64. Strange artifact on dragon
  65. Sensor anomaly in 6K
  66. Black shading
  67. shutter angle test
  68. OLPF for Tungsten?
  69. Tiffen IRNDs on Dragon
  71. Scratch Audio: Ronin & Dragon
  72. Who's upgrading to 4K monitors ? On set or post production ?
  73. Getting full Dynamic Range from Dragon
  74. 12800 ISO
  75. Dragon - "Sharpness" setting in beta
  76. Dragon, how to get maximum noiseless DR?
  77. Dragoncolor or LOG?
  78. Sharpen my Dragon r3d
  79. Dragon and Vintage Set for Feature
  80. OLPF modification & Effective Flange to Focal distance question.
  81. Is DRAGON upgrade worth it??? Well.... Hell yeah!!
  82. Brand New Dragon - Switchblade won't boot
  83. Its here - Initial thoughts
  84. Thank you RED
  85. Virtual Red Dragon
  86. Dove Superbowl spot
  87. Obligatory first impressions and video!
  88. Importing LUTs in Red Dragon
  89. Lexus Super Bowl ad… Dragon and Master Anamorphics
  90. Scarlet Dragon, first impressions
  91. Difference Between Dragon & Epic Dragon Upgrade
  92. Red Dragon in Wescam 16"
  93. Dragon module compatibility ?
  94. Impressive black shade speed!
  95. Swapping OLPF tips please/ test for dust etc.
  96. portable clean room for changing OLPF
  97. Gio Scope Tool vs The Zone System
  98. Gio Scope beta build thoughts
  99. RedMote not charging from camera
  100. Red Dragon liveview with blackmagic intensity pro
  101. RIG?
  102. When calibrating. How dark a room?
  103. Redcode Comparions / Calculations
  104. DRAGON and VR...
  105. black shade
  106. Why cleaner blackshade at higher FPS?
  107. Dragon Firmware 5.3.29 updating...90 min and counting
  108. CML Camera Evaluation 2015
  109. 2000 ISO STH = Dragon Gold
  110. 4 New OLPF's for Dragon!
  111. Red Rocket X won't work in Davinci 11.2
  112. What compression do you suggest for greenscreen?
  113. 50 fps compression issue
  114. 3D VR with Dragon
  115. Adaptive quiet record - not quiet anymore? dragon 5.3.29
  116. KipperTie Lowcon OLPFs - sharpness/aliasing opinions
  117. Pairing two dragons with redmote for start & stop with gigE cable
  118. 4:3 Full Height Reqeust
  119. Low quality Dragon playback?
  120. Dragon + Movi + SlingShot/Easyrig?
  121. Semi New Dragon - Color Testimonial
  122. Swappable OLPF Stripping Screws
  123. DRAGON ISO sweet spot for open sun (contrasty) exteriors.
  124. DRAGON changed framerate while I was shooting (I didn't ask it to)
  125. looks playback saving question
  126. Seven Dragons get hot and steamy! Yikes!!
  127. Letus Helix with 7 inch touch
  128. Dragon and FP search Miami
  129. Upgrading from Epic MX to Dragon, What are the different MUST HAVES?
  130. Locked out from downloading firmware
  131. Finally online, Joseph Kahn's Power Rangers Short, Dragons and Master Anamorphics.
  132. Skin Tone Highlight OLPF with DEB and/or Neat video good enough for low light?
  133. "Unbroken" [Promo] by Aeralie Brighton (Shot on Dragon at night w/ natural lighting)
  134. Color Grading in real time on set
  135. Better Call Saul - amazing low key Dragon images
  136. Scarlet Dragon W/ ISCO 2X Anamorphic adapter - Test Reel
  137. SCARLET DRAGON Question?? 5.5K???
  138. Ultra wide angle lens for architectural interiors
  139. RED Oscars or Eyeballs
  140. HDRx
  141. Scarlet Dragon 4.5K
  142. DRAGON: Newcastle, Australia
  143. Dragon HDRx Nature tests
  144. shutter keeps defaulting to 44.40/194.4
  146. Another STH v LLO Thread
  147. Red Dragon - Shoot at 4k or 6K & Upload footage at 1080 or 4k ---->Youtube vs Vimeo
  148. Dragon turns off itself !?
  149. Epic MX to Dragon upgrade for Weapon upgrade path
  150. Do you find 6k considerly more heavy to edit than 5k?
  151. Scarlet Dragon Owners, RED Armor?
  152. Custom case makers
  153. Describe how Dragon changed your shooting days/postproduction
  154. RED MIni Mag Upgrade
  155. adjusting r3d pixel aspect size
  156. Any nice .RMD files to share?
  157. Build 5.3.33 looks very nice with both olpf filters...
  158. Phil Holland's 'Paint' @ Best Buy...!
  159. First shoot on Dragon! Promo for boxer
  160. Shane's Inner Circle
  161. Look around on SDI out
  162. Output sharpening / Recording from HDSDI out
  163. SCARLET DRAGON Compression Ratio UPDATE?
  164. Pixel Size on Weapon
  165. Dragon cold operation and noise.
  166. ACES Proxy - what exactly am I looking at?
  167. Pre Purchase Questions.
  168. 7 inch touch and flicker
  169. FRANNIE! (shot on dragon)
  170. Is Pro Res on Dragon...not Weapon even possible?
  171. Help! Video rec/playback looks like a green and black negative
  172. flipping bomb evf (oled)
  174. Weapon Teaser Shots
  175. Shooting Fire - Which OLPF?
  176. LLO OLPF on STH settings in camera
  177. Dragons fps in 16:9 in 6k, 5k, 4k?
  178. Anyway to turn an ipad into a makeshift directors monitor?
  179. Music video "Shoulders"
  180. DragonVR for DirecTV
  181. URGENT! Problems with menu configuration
  182. Dragon aliasing color shift
  183. Dragon Firmware Locked ?
  184. Dragon or not. Your input will be greatly appreciated.
  185. Sample HDR footage from dragon please. Also deciding which to get.
  186. Dragon Colour 2 Off In Magenta Cast
  187. PRORES recording for DRAGON
  188. Current carbon fibre owners to weapon.
  189. tethered recording of RAW files as "promised" for DRAGON???
  190. Not upgrading to Weapon
  191. Dragon Color 2 Strange Clipping Artifacts
  192. Anyone not yet decided on Weapon upgrade?
  193. Video Devices Pix-E range & Dragon
  194. Best Dragon fan settings for long takes??
  195. upgrade epix mx to dragon will be finish the end of june ????
  196. Dragon + Microscope?
  197. Stage 2 style upgrade option from Epic Dragon to Weapon
  198. Will RED offer new SENSORS for EPIC-X camera BODIES in the future?
  199. 6K 5:1 or 5K 3:1?
  200. D.E.B.
  201. How to Change OLPF setting in Red Cine X
  202. Can anyone repair a smashed 7" Touch monitor?
  203. Dragon and Scarlet MX color matching
  204. Black Shaded without Sensor Cover?!?!
  205. Scarlet Dragon Upgrade - Noise issues
  206. makeup test looking green on Dragon?
  207. Which OLPF did you choose ?
  208. Batteries for Scarlet Dragon
  209. Good affordable monitor for Dragon. Looking at Sony 17" LCD 1080p.
  210. Epic Dragon in multi-camera IR comparison test
  211. Resolving power for different cameras
  212. Automatic black shade calibration on Epic Dragon?
  214. Dragon´s Leash (aka RED TETHER)
  215. Any footage of the DSMC IR PASS OLPF (color) ?
  216. DEB in other software packages? Davinci? Adobe?
  217. Noise and green screen / VFX
  218. STH or LLO for my new Dragon?
  219. Low Light - Dragon LLO or MX?
  220. Wally Pfister + Red Dragon Apple Watch Ad?
  221. HELP problem dragon anamorphic - premiere
  222. 128GB Larger REDMAG SSDs/Dragon 6K
  223. Dragon Compression Rates and Noise
  224. Dragon - Motion mount flicker
  225. Leica-review.com a new website for all things Leica! All shot on Dragon!!
  226. NEW Jedi Mind Tricks video - Shot on Red Dragon and Lomo Anamorphic Square Fronts
  227. Red Dragon Reel 2015?
  228. Portrait of a Photographer - Shot on Red Dragon
  229. 3 Red Dragons on feature film, one of them died.
  230. A big thank you to Jared
  231. Gamma And Color For Dragon
  232. Module adapter
  233. SD 744t and Dragon time code Khan issues
  234. Jamming two Dragons without external timecode
  235. Black Shading ?
  236. LUT for Dragon Footage to Match Amira / Alexa
  237. extension arms for dji ronin/red dragon
  238. Low light OLPF not showing up in menu
  239. OLD Style REDmag SSDs vs MINI Mags
  240. Help Choosing which OLPF!
  241. NDs
  242. Shooting advise for working in desert conditions
  243. Backpackers Tripod for a Nature Shoot
  244. Any Gate Shadow Updates/Fixes?
  245. First Official Project with my Dragon
  246. Shooting VR with Dragons in Barcelona Spain. Want to visit a few extra locations.
  247. Possible to customise Video Mode false color bands for Dragon ?
  248. Redmote not connecting, any help appreciated.
  249. Cooke Panchro 18mm,25mm issue on Dragon sensor
  250. Best Thunderbolt SSD Dock for editing Dragon 6k footage?