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  1. Finally! An Awesome Gold Mount Power Splitter Module
  2. Tips for IR OLPF Cinematography
  3. Dragon Upgrade - Day 1 first quick thoughts.
  4. DRAGON in HELSINKI needed 8th-12th June 2015 (3-4 days)
  5. Canon CN7 17-120 on a RED Epic Dragon
  6. Ghost Towns in 8K (not Weapon...)
  7. Low shutter blackshades super sensitive
  8. 5 RED Dragon shoot: acquisition + transcoding questions.
  9. Purple Specular Highlight Ring?
  10. A truer blue response: TrueBlue OLPF and colour science
  11. Skin tone OLPF vs Low light
  12. Advice, Dragon night forest scene , low light
  13. Any news about 4K proress in weapen CF and Weapon 8K ?
  14. Incompatible Battery message
  15. Generic V-Lock Betteries, Dragon and Voiding your warranty
  16. Comparison between the Abelcine IBE HDX35 MkII and Arri B4 to PL adapter needed
  17. 8K SCI-FI (Not Weapon)
  18. Canon IS and Auto Focus on Dragon
  19. Feature Request - 120fps Project Frame Rate
  20. OLPFS
  21. Our Reel For 2015 - Mostly shot on Dragon
  22. 9" LCD...not sold anymore?
  23. New Firmware seems to look better! Default ungraded still.
  24. 2 kinds of Dragon sensor ?
  25. 10M Long LCD/EVF cable to for Dragon
  26. SDI ON/Off Hot key Toggle
  27. IR filter
  28. Long Exposures
  29. Dragon Latitude
  30. Dragon max safe sensor temperature
  31. Auto White Balance w/ Motion Mount
  32. Dragon Canon Mount Issue
  33. Frame Averaging & Dragon
  34. enhancing HDRx
  35. Dragon ANA 2:1 crop
  36. different color skin tone OLPF
  37. Info HDRx on Dragon
  38. Can't downgrade from Beta build v6.0.20
  39. Temp Calibration Issue
  40. FYI: Chiraq on Dragon
  41. Can someone explain the real benefit of the STO OLPF over LLO?
  42. Just received our RED H2O OLPF
  43. Camera wont reach target temp anymore
  44. Frame rates and shutter speed strategy
  45. Dragon Firmware Upgrade - settings lost
  46. OLPF
  47. Independant LUT and ACES proxy
  48. Menu Gain and LGG
  49. Dragon + Master Primes
  50. REDMAG READER feature request
  51. Installing interchangeable OLPF - Sydney
  52. I want my Dragon to fly :-)
  53. Epic Dragon vs Epic MX. Odd Results
  54. Epic Dragon - Firmware Upgrade still going 1hour! Need Help!
  55. Problem with overlay for HD-SDI on Dragon
  56. RED 7" monitor touch screen problems?
  57. Is the EPIC - X Dragon fan suppose to stick out?
  58. 2 years EU Warranty?
  59. Hot/Stuck Pixels (FPN) on Dragon
  60. Dragon upgrade
  61. Gremsy 6200mah lipo?
  62. Disabling the power down function of the brain power/rec button
  63. Dragon 6K Zeiss ZF
  64. Weird Patterns of Dots (Shooting into Sun)??
  65. Dragon, Anamorphics, and a circus... music video
  66. Nikon mount - can't control the iris manually
  67. RED Collective: Ivan Agerton | Royal Galactic Media - film
  68. New Firmware Anomaly
  69. Blooming Highlights on Dragon
  70. On screen level/artificial horizon?
  71. Shooting BW on regular Dragon
  72. Questions about ordering WEAPON DRAGON
  73. Dragon noise - is this too much or is this normal? Seems strange.
  74. New OLPF with tiny Dust - Dilemma
  75. Firmware update 6.0.28 killed the iris control of my Epic Dragon
  76. Having issues trying to know how to read histogram
  77. Auto White Balance Issues.
  78. Help!!! My Dragon Can't Boot Up.....
  79. Full Spectrum OLPF from Kipper Tie on Monochrome Dragon (IR Footage)
  80. Red Tint Issue
  81. Best ND Variable Filter (that doesn't cast color or soften image)?
  82. Monitor Issues
  83. EVF Adjustments
  84. fine tuning camera shutter
  85. Achtel "True Blue" OLPF. Remove Magenta from Water and Skies. *Review Coming*
  86. Green Shift in the image?
  87. Blackshading Question
  88. RED Epic Dragon vs Arri Amira vs Sony PMW-F3
  89. Behind the scenes of WE ARE BLOOD
  90. OLPF and Blackshading
  91. Washers
  92. loving my new dragon
  93. HDR Dragon Filming
  94. Epic Dragon power failure using Canon zooms (v.6.0.31)
  95. Sound & New fan2.0
  96. Danger of running a Dragon for long periods?
  97. Zeiss ZE's for my new Dragon?
  98. Dragon+x Dbox+Redlink
  99. 240fps advice for dragon...
  100. Camera error: right half of frame magenta!
  101. Tayzu Titan X8 + Ronin + RED
  102. 50mm round front and epic dragon first test
  103. Aperture Issue with Ziess ZE 1.4 Lenses on FW 6.0.**
  104. Strange gamma shift on Dragon 5k clip in Resolve, any ideas?
  105. Swit S-8082S 95wh, light weight V-Mounts work on Dragon?
  106. Scarlet Dragon OLPF night test in streetlight
  107. Robotic Surgery Commercial
  108. Epic Dragon and power from the DJI Ronin
  109. Independent Monitor LUT question
  110. Changing Battery Life Display on RedTouch
  111. 2.5K question
  112. "CHECK NOISE PROFILE" procedure
  114. Dynamic Range is UNREAL!
  115. Epic Dragon OLPF Menu setting question
  116. Epic Dragons life expectancy
  117. Netflix 4K requirements
  118. External LCD over HDMI - Mirrored Video how to toggle ?
  119. First Netflix, now NASA: 4K UHD FTW!
  120. HDMI output looks like it's clipping early/incorrectly compared to HDSDI + Histogram
  121. Red Dragon in Shanghai
  122. What to do when Firmware upgrade stalls?
  123. Rectangle 'flare' with LLO OLPF
  125. another LL OLPF vs Skin Tone question...
  126. First 2 days with the Xeen lenses!
  127. Corrupt Dragon Clips - Not Happy
  128. 10 frame delay out of the HDSDI - need immediate help.
  129. Dragon 4KHD crop compared to Full Frame DSLR
  130. Mostly Sunny.
  131. B&W Dragon Portraits
  132. Installed latest Dragon (Scarlet) Firmware - Thumbnails Corrupt
  133. Bat remain blink warning
  134. RED RAW in DRAGON
  135. LL OLPF Question
  136. Raven Options
  137. Need help "No menus in display"
  138. Dragon + DEB prores vs Weapon onboard Prores
  139. KipperTie Lowcon OLPFs footage
  140. Intermittent Pattern Noise...
  141. Big Movie Time: Need Lightest Lens options to Summilux-C for Drone on Feature
  142. Dragon got sick - No real answer on what was wrong with it?
  143. Red Dragon Cinedrive
  144. Camera Servicing
  145. RED DRAGON Spotted w/ MS HoloLens View
  146. Audio buffer overflow error
  147. Shooting Anamorphic vs Widescreen for TVC
  148. Strange vertical lines in edge focus mode
  149. Made The Swap Today (Interchangeable OLPF)
  150. What the space Dragon is up to
  151. Speedbooster tests
  152. Stills Mode default
  153. Dragon Capture Resolution for 4K DCI standards (Flat 1.85:1, Scope 2.39:1) and BluRay
  154. Dragon tethered Shooting - OK for green screen 5K HD 25fps ?
  155. Will we ever get PRORES ?
  156. Gate flare on Alexa
  157. RED Tether not working
  158. Doing a Sky Diving Shoot and Need Help with Helmet Rig
  159. How do YOU build out your Dragon's for Feature/TV series?
  160. Raw video to Cinema Screen - The journey
  161. Split Screen (vertical line down LCD monitor) Issue
  162. Shot on Dragon: the Wave
  163. Dragon vs Epic MX colors
  164. 7" touch glitch on startup
  165. PLC run start stop cable help...
  166. Silly question
  167. Compression Ratio Advice for a first time RED user
  168. Dragon Boot Time
  169. Revisiting LLO and Loving it !
  170. Please advise on crop factor for Angenieux ANA zoom
  171. Get 'Stached Get Screened (No shave November)
  172. Strange, missing pixels? Anyone seen this before?
  173. British summertime or ND filters???
  174. Ugly blackshade (at 4fps), beta 6.2.3
  175. Matching Dragon and MX footage
  176. Dragon on steadicam in the snow and cold?
  177. Are 3D LUTs available in Epic Dragon firmware?
  178. DJI P3/Inspire1 4k Mixed with Red Footage
  179. Transfer Red files without a computer?
  180. Monitor won't respond to touch
  181. Just Arrived - Standard OLPF - User Comments Please
  182. Power Issues Cinegears Motor
  183. Best ND/IR cut or IRND for Dragon sensor?
  184. Any real world image quality difference between Scarlet Dragon & Epic Dragon?
  185. Dragon Standard OLPF rating/questions
  186. Nvidia Shield - 4k x265 100mbps 10 bit 4:2:2 (Question)
  187. DJI Focus Unboxing and Set-up with a Dragon
  188. Hours on the Clock. Does it Matter?
  189. Can you have framelines on both EVF & LCD when using +1 module?
  190. What Happens With The Trade In's
  191. Black shading shutter speed when using HDR?
  192. Switching between resolutions. Epic Dragon files quality
  193. Invest in RED Epic Dragon?? Or Wait?
  194. 3:1 super wide Anamorphic with DRAGON
  195. Galapagos film for Travel Ecuador
  196. AFC - retour d'expérience Dragon
  197. Getting noisy footage at 200fps
  198. SSDS wont work anymore
  199. Into the Badlands
  200. what is the maximum wattage load?
  201. Powering Epic Dragon..
  202. Pabst Blue Ribbon + Dragon + Lomo Anamorphics
  203. Follow focus advice needed
  204. HDRX desactivated
  205. Battery drain even when powered down?
  206. Display cable problem
  207. High ISO - image looks clean, playback looks noisy
  208. Adult Epilepsy :30 Ad
  209. How long do you run your Dragon?
  210. fan sound.
  211. OLPF Question
  212. Extremely blue footage when using motion mount
  213. Nikon Mount Focus issues
  214. Wanted to Buy: Motion Mount EF
  215. The Martian - frame guides
  216. BTS insights - Dragon Calibration temps
  217. Scarlet_Dragon_Build_v6.2.25 Update Trouble
  218. Red tether problem
  219. Zoom F8 - VERY CONFUSED - New to syncing timecode - PLEASE HELP
  220. New Netflix Show - The Get Down
  221. Eamon - - Fashion Film Award Submission - - Thoughts/AMA
  223. Netflix - The Crown - Shot on Dragon???
  224. Help! Emergency! Camera not working suddenly!
  225. Mixing Red One M with Epic Dragon
  226. Is my RED Dragon a faulty camera?
  227. Power consumption Scarlet-W dragon
  228. FoolControl In-Depth Overview / Review - At The Bench EP|2
  229. Rangefinder advice needed
  230. 80C / 80D Glasfilter
  231. Compression artefacts? red spots
  232. Highest realistic ISO
  233. Re: Red dragon
  234. DRAGON + Cooke Anamorphic Circular purple falre pattern
  235. Time-lapse sunrise to sunset help?
  236. Sensor upgrade Zeros Brain Hours?
  237. Firmware locked
  238. DJI Ronin + Dragon + Master Primes?
  239. No one in R1 forum seems to know...
  240. protecting ports
  241. EWok hunting with Jarred's new 24mm bulletproof lens.
  242. Ewok hunting with Jarred's new 24mm bulletproof lens.
  243. Powering Dragon with d-tap tp 6-pin lemo cable? Is it safe?
  244. Please WeTransfer me a new FW for Dragon
  245. open gate in new firmware
  246. Mine Films Fly the Calgary Tower
  247. fan control issues
  249. Handheld rig for follow focus
  250. Quick plate module 2 pin Leno ports