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  1. Shooting my first project on red dragon - Any Tips or tricks i should know
  2. Dragon powerup fail
  3. Dragon without a Rocket X options
  4. Motion mount for chroma key - green or blue screen?
  5. Youth Olympics Dragon VR setup
  6. Short film 'Vampiro'
  7. 100fps compression
  8. How do I get out of advanced menu setting with SH buttons
  9. Compression Rates
  10. Sound recording at all fps ?
  11. Jeff Cronenweth for Harley-Davidson
  12. Firmware 6.2.44 issues
  13. Dior - Drift
  14. Arsat 250mm F3.5
  15. Light Meter settings for STH OLPF
  16. Epic's HDMI Port Broken, Fix must or Just keep it
  17. calibration
  18. Linking Prores to R3D problem in Resolve
  19. Open Gate
  20. Weapon Magnesium, Dragon M & Raven, or Scarlet -W & Raven?
  21. HDMI output not working
  22. Problem with OLPF?
  23. Feature Request: Save shortcuts with preset
  24. 3k 160FPS
  25. Live Green Screen Keying with Dragon & RRX Card
  26. v6.2.51 Black Shade
  27. Epic Dragon Lowest Compression Ratio For High Framrates?
  28. Super clean 3K WS using 'Frame Averaging'
  29. Dragon 6k not eligible for UHD "Tier 1" camera?
  31. Shooting off 180
  32. Marking frames in camera
  33. 8 Dragon Plate Car
  34. TOD Code based on internal clock ? Dragon
  35. Dragon firmware Open Gate funtion ?
  36. Slow-mo shutter
  37. Zooms that cover 6K
  38. Who has used the RED DSMC IR PASS OLPF (COLOR)? Oppinion/Thoughts wanted
  39. DSMC2 OLPF vs DSMC OLPF On Dragon
  40. In a bit of a dilemma !!!!
  41. Red Dragon going to Mars
  42. Lens choices, Lens choices
  43. Dragon with Low Light OLPF vs Sony FS7
  44. Zoom lens suggestion that covers 6k WS
  45. Leica M on Dragon in 2016
  46. Sorry, another Dragon optimal ISO thread...
  47. video source options? please help
  48. Blackmagic viewfinder on Dragon
  49. Help please, Shot with low light OLPF on IR setting in camera
  50. 2 Million Views Who Knew
  51. WC female pogo to make lemo - for dsmc2 monitor on dsmc1 body?
  52. No film plane marking on CF Epic?
  53. Help with Recode not matching specs for higher fps
  54. HELP!? High Frame Rate Flicker That I Can't Solve
  55. What are people using for sun hoods on the 7" touch monitors
  56. Lens menu focus slider - Accessory to link with this?
  58. 30mm Cinemascope 20th Century Fox B&L lens.
  59. Sensor cleaning....what size swabs?
  60. Sensor displacement?
  61. Weird sensor error
  62. Footage Issue
  63. Color shifting problem : yellow, blue channel, motion mount?
  64. Functioning Speed booster for Dragon 6K (working prototype)
  65. RED Bridge with Dragon and iPad WIFI
  66. Do Redvolts charge while in camera?
  67. Quick low profile VLock mount to brain.
  68. Sensor Cal via RedMote - 2 Dragons on a Drone
  69. Emergency: Anyone in Tuscany or Florence with a low light OLPF?
  70. Sensor moving on Epic Dragon
  71. Exposing RED Dragon with Xrite Color Checker Chart
  72. Epic Monochrome - New Music Video
  73. Red Epic Dragon - Music Video
  74. RED EPIC DRAGON - Looking to hire operator to teach
  75. Emergency - Need steps to get Proper Overlays to HDMI via Side handle
  76. How to "DEEP" format a RED SSD 1.8"
  77. How to disable "Pre-Record" option?
  78. Dragon Monochrome - music video
  79. Sharper slow motion image
  80. URGENT!! Ramp speed with Redmote?
  81. 7" Monitor Strange Behavior
  82. Carbon SSD module on non carbon Epic/Dragon-X
  83. Dragon or Weapon for features
  84. Vertical Streaks Image Distortion on 7" (Non-Touch) LCD & Epic Dragon
  85. IR or Full spectrum
  86. Filter reflection issue - HELP NEEDED!
  87. Shortcuts on Main Menu - How to set up?
  88. RED TOUCH 9"
  89. Extreme Purple Fringing on Dragon
  90. Struggling with noise!
  91. DSMC2 OLPFs in DSMC1 body
  92. SDI help
  93. DSMC2 3rd party lower battery issue w/Clutch
  94. Considering selling my Epic Dragon for fs7 with oddessy raw. Thoughts?
  95. Dragon Purple Fringe or CA? .R3D
  96. Music video shot with Epic Dragon in Brazilian landscapes!
  97. Renting REDMAGs in Los Angeles
  98. help with shooting paparazzi scene
  99. Locarno Film Festival world premiere of 'Solo, Solitude' - Shot on RED SCARLET DRAGON
  100. Skin Tone OLPF Rental
  101. Keith Richards Under The Influence BTS Shot - lighting breakdown thoughts.
  102. Dragon Stolen: #6153
  103. Dynacore Mini series battery for Red
  104. Syrp Magic Carpet slider and Red Epic X .... ?
  105. Mounting a Scarlet-W on Ronin M via P-Tap
  106. Standard on sensor but Skintone in menu
  107. Vlock I/O, Huypercore Slim and DCSM2 Top Handle
  108. Last minute DP job 10 million views
  109. DSMC 1 & 2 DC Power Port & Lemo - same?
  110. About black shading
  111. Ken Block, Sage Kotsenburg, Rob Machado|Epic Dragon|Reel
  112. R3D that don't works on premiere pro
  113. Possible Stolen RED Epic Dragon #07766 in Burbank, CA
  114. Heat question - middle east project
  115. Two Dragons with Same R3D Won't Match in Post...?
  116. Monitor Shorting Out
  117. Vertical Line of Pixels Issue
  118. Los Angeles: Stolen RED Weapon (WPN-886) + Stolen RED Epic 07766 + The man who did it
  119. Video dropped frames but audio continuous
  120. Dragon outputting flipped image to redline x
  121. Red Dragon - current status (repost to this sub-forum)
  122. ATEX Rating
  123. Toggle trouble: DSMC2 Monitor question
  126. Rigs for Scarlet-w??
  127. Trash Fire (2016) trailer released today, shot on Dragon
  128. Dragon vs Alexa
  129. Redmote Upgrade Firmware Issue
  130. Need recommendation for a tripod head for a jib crane and ronin
  131. Quick question about high fps anamorphic shooting
  132. Hdrx for cgi
  133. Kelvin and tint differences between cameras
  134. Zoom F4 > Scarlet Dragon No Timecode
  135. POTUS Vs. Dragon...
  136. BMW M4 shot on Dragon
  137. SDI issues
  138. Scarlet-W Menu Lag.
  139. Best MatteBox for Ronin/Movi?
  140. black bars in footage
  141. camera freeze
  142. Some Vmount batteries won't fit on DSMC2 I/O Expander.
  143. 6K Canon EF Wide angle options
  144. Red Dragon DSMC depreciation
  145. What causes banding?
  146. powerup issue
  147. Xtal Express Anamorphic
  148. overheating
  149. Flipped images with monitor flipped.
  150. Making FPS / Resolution / Shutter Presets.
  151. #DontBeAnAss #BeGoodItsFree #Happy2017
  152. Short mini doc at a hippie commune farm. Shot on Epic Dragon w/ Lomo Anamorphics
  153. Loose Lens Relaese Button
  154. Dust on sensor
  155. scarlet w (color issue)
  156. Pre Record Issues
  157. Upgrade Woes
  158. I Love My Dragon!
  159. Should I grab a Rocket X
  160. Epic smoke smell after shoot near fire
  161. Nikon & Sigma Stills lenses feasible follow focus with RT motion / Foolcontrol?
  162. Light flashes from Motion Mount?
  163. Ronin M ???? Need Help
  164. Arri viewfinder on Epic Dragon possible?
  165. Epic Dragon Redmote - Power Option
  167. RED EPIC/DRAGON buy
  168. Color Grading in Premiere CC
  169. RED Dragon and Laser art installation filming
  170. EVF Differences
  171. D.E.B. in REDCINE vs. Premiere?
  172. Epic Dragon - Is it possible to rotate 90 the SDI output for viewing?
  173. New Red Camera - GoPro Killer
  174. Can I get Redlogfilm to hdsdi out?
  175. Need advice on wireless follow focus for ronin epic dragon combo
  176. low light optimized HD SDI output
  177. Canon 50-300 on Red Dragon
  178. Weapon MG: Best Fan setting
  179. How do I sync up slow motion footage correctly with an external audio recorder?
  180. Color Checker and IPP2 Issues
  181. Using a faster shutter to replace ND.
  182. Max Frame Rate Dragon 8K VV
  183. Image delay in 7" Red Monitor
  184. Scarlet-W IPP2 Premiere Workflow.
  185. 3D LUTs on Epic Red Dragon
  186. How to mount a Canon 400mm 2.8 on Dragon
  187. Dragon fan "revving"
  188. Where can I find great LUTs for the Scarlet-W?
  189. red dragon
  190. Focus/Contrast Issue? [Epic Dragon]
  191. Red Epic Dragon for Sale (5 hours)
  192. Anything I should know before purchasing a used RED Epic Dragon?
  193. Tips For Shooting At Night? (Scarlet-W)
  194. REDMAG SSD Problem
  195. Sensor Question??
  196. Heat enviroment condition - Solution for shooting with scarlet-w
  197. What are you guys using for a scratch mic that works on current firmware?
  198. Lost Side Handle Cover Red Epic Dragon
  199. Red Touch 4.7 over heating
  200. Faulty LEICA - R 24mm - Help Needed
  201. RED Epic V Mount Battery Plate No Lemo Power?
  202. Used Epic Dragon vs. Scarlet-W
  203. To buy red touch or not
  204. Narcos Season 3: Looks great....but
  205. Timelapse with RED Scarlet-W. Ideas
  206. Shutter Speed / Exposure
  207. Red Epic Dragon Body price
  208. How to blackshade on new firmware Epic Dragon DSMC1
  209. EPIC-M CF Red Dragon FOR SALE
  210. Red Dragon to Epic-W Deadline?
  211. Looking For Some Aerial Filming Advice
  212. Soft Playback on Scarlet W
  213. Long Duration Exposure w/Dragon
  214. Color Output Problem
  215. image lagging on smallHD monitor
  217. Redlink Bridge connection issue
  218. Epic X-Dragon Firmware Upgrade Problem
  219. 7" LCD no display
  220. Best microphone to use with the dragon
  221. To Red Scarlet Dragon or not to.
  222. Redlink bridge connection
  223. Building a RED (6K) Editing Workstation in 2018 - What does it take?
  224. Cinebags - Production Mini with Scarlet W
  225. Stripped OLPF Screw (Please Help)
  226. Epic Dragon 2.0 fan
  227. Request Sensor Coverage SW
  228. FD RED Mount from RJ Camera
  229. Bug - Bad Ft. Flowdan / Music Video shot on Scarlet-W
  230. Mounting Redmote on Movi handlebar. Suggestions?
  231. 2K and 1080x1920 problem.
  232. DSMC 1 Is low light OLPF Worth messing with?
  233. People puzzled over RED Dragon darkness
  234. must send Epic-M to Red for OLPF presets?
  235. Red Epic x Dragon
  236. Dragon sensor red noise pattern on one side
  237. ipp2 on Dragon?
  238. Internal and external recording on cineflex shoot
  239. Anton Bauer Tandem 70 won't power Epic Dragon?
  240. Image issue!
  241. Has anyone had anything like this before pleas help!!!
  242. Scarlet W & Shogun
  243. Mount and use incompatible lenses Nikon?
  244. New to the RED world!!
  245. On set lighting - low light - waveform readings
  246. How to record audio in variable frame rate on red?
  247. Dragon noise plate - add it post
  248. Random Stuck Pixels on Epic Dragon
  249. Help!! Anyone experienced this
  250. Shoulder Rigs for Scarlet-W