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  7. Tiffen NATural vs Schneider RHOdium ND's for Epic Dragon
  8. Stolen Epic Dragon Kit with Zeiss Super Speed Cine Lenses
  9. Dragon old firmware download
  10. Quick question on Frame Guide resolution read out
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  13. Having issues with my dragon
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  15. OLPF mystery - hoping someone can help identify
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  17. Red Dragon 6K Monochrome Base ISO
  18. DSCM Repair & Trade in Dead Line.
  19. Problem with magenta in the shadows
  20. LCD display screen options changing/missing audio meters
  21. Red Epic Dragon starts powering on then goes to yellow light...
  22. Would you still buy a Epic-Dragon 6K ?
  23. Upgrade paths for red epic dragon dsmc?
  24. When will we get scratch audio for Varispeed?
  25. Scarlet W - Focus (newbie)
  26. Red Epic Dragon 6K alongside SW as 2nd cam - is it worth going this route?
  27. Just bought a Dragon 6k (thumbs up) - workflow question...
  28. Rod Support and fan upgrade Question ?
  29. Has anyone used the MAXOAK V mounts on their Dragon?
  30. Power Dragon using D-Tap on Battery?
  31. Older Red Epic Dragon 6K or Red Raven/Scarlet W
  32. RED Epic Dragon Outside Image Problem
  33. Looking to purchase a Red Epic X Dragon Package
  34. Canon R Mount ?
  35. Red Dragon with PRO I/O Module
  36. Incompatible Battery message
  37. Camera Loosing timebase and project settings on switch off
  38. Dragon Lives!
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  40. OLPF mod kit?
  41. DSMC 1 Scarlet Dragon versus DSMC 2 Dragon-X
  42. Red Scarlet-W IPP2 (Noob)
  43. Spot shot on Dragon and Lomo Squares
  44. Drop Frame not possible
  45. DSMC2 Dragon-x vs Weapon Dragon