View Full Version : rec709 rec2020 and Dragon optimization

Brian Merlen
02-02-2014, 07:16 AM
I been doing some reading up on 4k distribution and just wanted to bring up color space for a minute with you fine folks! Does anyone know if the Dragon is being optimized for rec709 or rec2020? Or will there be presets for both? Its my understanding that the previous Red Color and Gamma were essentially Rec709 Luts. At least that is what I have been told by others

So if the world does go rec2020 sooner then later, how will that affect current camera color space optimizations is what I am now thinking about? Will Alexa vs Red play out the same in a Rec2020 universe? And how best for us freelancers to make the leap to the new standard? With all viewing distance propaganda about 4k in the home not necessarily resolving more on such and such a size screen with such and such a size viewing distance in terms of clarity I think the color space side of the 4k take over may place a larger roll in the roll out. If homes can't see the difference in 4k cuz of size limitations (tho surely some will have the space), surely rec2020 will still trump rec709, even on a 19 inch cheapo 4k monitor (in the future)? its not like I'm gonna buy a 65 inch anytime soon, so knowing about rec2020 on smaller sized 4k screens still peaks my interest (and obviously will eventually matter in distribution schemes)

anyway, just thought this could be a fruitful discussion, thanks!

Stacey Spears
02-02-2014, 07:57 AM
All of the current 4k consumer displays today are based on 709. Nothing can produce a 2020 gamut outside of lasers right now. This will change over time. Dolby / SMPTE are pushing a new electro optical transfer function to replace the gamma used today, which is based off of CRTs. The new EOTF is based off of human vision instead of legacy CRT limitations. This is being proposed to the BDA for 4k Blu-ray.

We are in an awkward transition period right now.

There are some product announcements coming at NAB that should help the post side deal with this better.