View Full Version : Is that a viewfinder eye on the back? Audio connectivity possibilities..

04-14-2008, 03:11 PM
Can anyone confirm if that is a viewfinder in the middle of the control grid on the back, or is that just a button?

And as for the audio issues, I was thinking about other compacts like the early sony prosumer hd cam that didnt have XLR's, and they just added a connectible piece to the top and given REDs infinite expandability, Im sure they will have an add on XLR pack and probably a stereo condenser as well.. Thats the beauty of RED, the expandability... Kinda silly that we're even worried about a lack of audio...

God I cant wait for this thing, and I really hope that it is well equipped raw, I would love to shoot using only the core Scarlet, great design, beautiful package...

Really hoping for a built in viewfinder, stereo mic/XLR ins in that order... Add on packs would work well but I think at least a mic and viewfinder should come built in to the core package if not the XLRs. And if not I would hope for a nice small audio in tower perhaps for the top or on the back bottom perhaps, with a shotgun mic holder for the top of the cam...

I will try to mockup a photoshop image but Im sure anyone who is seriously considering one of thesee knows exactly what I mean, as there arent too many options to integrate all that is needed and maintain its portability..

Good thing its being designed by RED.... :sorcerer: