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Steve Ellington
04-15-2008, 02:17 AM
I completely disagree with anyone who is upset about the Scarlet Fixed lens.

Think about what you are getting for the money and size. No other camera gives you 3k resolution on a 2/3 sensor for that price -- not even close.

If they were to give it a interchangeable lens system which would it be? It is a 2/3 sensor. Most 2/3 lenses don't fit the Pocket description.

Canon or Nikon don't make sense either. First you have a crop factor so forget about a good wide angle. Second still lenses are not made for rack focus or zoom. Third you would have to pick one brand or the other because of the lens electronics which would make half of the customers unhappy. Last, the autofocus on a still lens is completely different from a video camera.

16mm lenses are expensive if you want new. C-mount lenses are relatively rare. There are still crop factors to deal with.

Jim said from the beginning that this camera would not compete with Red One. This is the main way that it does not compete.

I think this is an amazing camera. It will be a giant upgrade to my z1(which has a fixed lens) at a fraction of the cost.


04-15-2008, 02:26 AM
Jeez, matey there's a bazillion posts already on this or similar.
No need to start another one.

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