View Full Version : For all those FOOLS

Many Moosh
04-15-2008, 11:44 PM
This thread is for all those people that complained and bitc*hed, about 2/3 lens, interchangable lenses, size, sensor, etc, etc.

Sorry... dictatorship is winning big here.

We will listen very carefully, but this is not a "vote for options" program.

If you want that, start your own company.


So stop the bitc^ing, complaining and moaning and more importantly stop passing it off as input or your opinion. Cause the Red Team is setting their own course when it comes to Scarlet. So just shut up, sit back and enjoy the ride.

CŁneyt Kaya
04-15-2008, 11:49 PM
mr. jannard is not santa....merlin...ghandi...
hey i start to sleep less and less...because my cam will be here in some weeks...

you should be able to talk without bitching around...
if you dont think so, why dont you try to ask Sony about a f23 for 40k.....?

and everybody out there....you really have to think about redray...this in combination with the ONe is
the true revolution....dont miss this moment while bitching...this is history