View Full Version : Can RedRay Remote control 4 redrays?

Jay A. Kelley
08-29-2014, 05:57 PM
Gonna make a video display using RED Ray. 4 of them actually.. Each driving a 4k monitor.

But they will all need to start playing at the same time. So I am wondering if I can control all 4 of them with one remote.

Any ideas? Let me know


Brian F Kobylarz
08-30-2014, 05:12 AM

RED Command will not work as that is paired to a specific REDRAY player.

The IR remote control "may" start them at the same time, but it is a gamble. Consider, will all four REDRAY's receive and recognize the IR command to start at exactly the same fraction of a second?
Just one of four off slightly, perhaps a reflection or slight misalignment of the sensor, and your entire show starts off wrong. I tried that with multiple commercial DVD units (Pioneer 8000's) and found that IR based signals from a remote were not dependable enough for commercial applications - especially when frame accuracy was required (I had lip sync considerations on multiple screens - simple IR did not work).

Then consider the input Jack Stenner posted in your other thread started last night:

We do synchronized video for art installation work. The RedRay may loop, but there's nothing to keep the loop points synchronized. Of course, that may not be critical for your content, but over the course of a day they can drift quite a bit. If you use a solid state player like a BrightSign (there are others) you can connect them with ethernet and they will lock to each other. You set one player as the master and it will wait for all other slaves to "join" before beginning to play. At each loop point, it maintains sync. They are about to release a 4K model, too:


What BrightSign does for digital signage apps with assigning a master and locking start times is similar to what Dave Jones Design did with the DVD's.

When REDRAY was under development, I had a number of conversations and exchanges online with Stuart English about feature sets.
The original design of REDRAY had considered a means to sync / lock multiple units together which would be perfect for large venue digital signage. My needs were less intense - I was looking at feeding only 16 HD monitors at the same time in a smaller space.
Unfortunately, the ability to lock multiple units together disappeared as a feature from the player released by RED.
That's not to say it could come back in a future version - or improvements made to RED Command that would provide the functionality.

In the meantime, test and test again.

Jay A. Kelley
08-30-2014, 07:25 AM
One thing I have learned in my life.. When people with real world experience tell you something... Listen carefully. I've been researching BrightSign as some of you suggested.. And it seems a 4k version is indeed coming out.

Looks like I need to research this carefully.


Jeff Kilgroe
08-30-2014, 10:58 AM
Syncing REDRAY players would be near impossible. Even if we used a programmable controller to emit the proper IR signals to each player simultaneously. Even if they start simultaneously, there's no guaranty that playback would match due to a slip in the read cache or a multitude of other little issues that could arise internally. Would be nice if the players could be grouped and work together for for such purposes. It seems unlikely that REDRAY will see any further development, nor that we'll see an SDK release for the players that may give us such abilities. :/