View Full Version : Dragon I love it (GL 11-16mm,18-35mm, lensbaby)

Shadi Abu Sharar
09-05-2014, 12:25 AM
Loving the Dragon


James DeFina
09-05-2014, 01:19 AM
Looking good! I just got mine this week so i'm looking forward to testing it out. Also I might be out in Dubai soon for a trip!

Dave Summers
09-05-2014, 03:39 AM
Just watched the video and love how it looks. Did you use the GL Optics lenses that are sold on Ebay???
I'm seriously considering buying them because they open at 1.8(which is hard to believe). How do you like these lenses?

Nick Morrison
09-05-2014, 07:30 AM
Loving the Dragon


Wow. Looking so clean and good. What ISO were you shooting at?