View Full Version : Red dragon recording resolution error?

Graham Robbins
09-05-2014, 04:46 PM
Hey guys,

Just recently wrapped a commercial, shot it all 6k dragon except some high speed stuff.
I was really impressed with everything we got, but was just informed of something weird by the editor.
One of our interview sequences was recorded in 3k. The day we shot that I had just shot a
timelapse in 6k, when I set the camera up for 1fps I noticed it switched me to 12:1 compression
which I thought was odd but figured it would be fine for a timelapse. My resolution was still 6k though.

Then we went into an interview, also shot 6k on the same card. There was no punch in of any kind the camera was set for 6k hd, but the camera was not letting me go below 10:1 compression, I just rolled with it because we had a short window with the talent and limited cards. I switched cards after the interview, the compression ratio was no longer locked and I figured it was just a card glitch because the footage was all fine.

Now however the editor is saying that Adobe is reading both the interview and timelapse as 3k resolution. Anyone else have a problem like this? Could it just be a communication error with Adobe? Also are there any good fixes I can suggest to the editor?

Any my help is appreciated,

Graham Robbins

Russ Fill
09-05-2014, 06:15 PM
When you look at the clips in Red Cine X what res do they say?? What Adobe software is the editor using and what version or has it be updated lately? And what projects settings on the Adobe software does the editor have set for your clips?

Never heard of this. Did you have HDRx on or any thing that might have locked some settings?