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Giga Barone
04-24-2008, 06:39 AM
Hi I've been following the Cineform developments at NAB regarding Raw conversion and I must say they seem to be doing a great job. Well done !!!

As somebody seriously looking at Cineform as a possibility for my DI workflow I think it would be good to outline customers top 5 features we would like to see for the Mac platform. Windows users pleas feel free to contribute too.

As somebody already using DVCPROHD and HDCAM as well as a future RED owner my top 5 are.

1. HD Link working without emulation on Mac (DVCPROHD Conversion being my first priority 24/25p then HDCAM)

2. AJA Kona 3 Support (SD,1080,2K, monitoring and output of Cineform would do me just fine at the moment, both NTSC and Pal formats 24/25p 50/60i)

3. As their is no other DVI-D 2K Monitoring option (please correct me if I'm wrong) Full support NTSC and PAL for Blackmagic HD Link Pro.

4 Blackmagic HD Link Extreem support (I sometimes work with Blackmagic products, having this supported would really cover all the basics.

5. ..........Thats it. My wishlist !!! With these items support I could see myself using Cineform for a long time to come.


David Taylor
07-07-2008, 09:59 PM

Although your question is teed up as one, from an implementation standpoint there are really two parts. The first, separate from the conversion features in HD Link, is about adding more features and performance to the CineForm Mac workflow inside FCP. We're actively working on this. We posted an update a couple weeks ago that got us part way there. We should have another Beta update around the end of this week or early next that takes another big step, with more performance inside FCP plus improved active metadata handling for CineForm RAW sources. We definitely plan for support of HD-SDI using Kona 3, but to make that happen we first had to improve overall performance.

Regarding the conversion utilities in HD Link (outside FCP), those will get ported also, but given our modest resources we have first focused on improving the workflow experience inside FCP. I don't have a specific date yet for HD Link on Mac, but probably late summer is a date to keep in mind.

The temporary workaround, if you have access to a machine, is to run HD Link on Windows. Our Neo and Prospect products come with a dual Windows and Mac license for exactly this reason.

David Taylor
07-12-2008, 08:42 AM
Fortunately for the majority of people our activation process is not nearly as complicated as your friend indicated. It is fully automated and takes a just a few moments. If somebody has a problem for some reason then we'll get manually involved but - the need for that is rare. Fortunately there is no need at all to deactivate/reactivate when doing updates. If your friend did this then it caused him a lot of extra work.

That said, there are a number of features we would like to add, including automated notification of new builds being posted, and such a widget would helps solve these.

We appreciate this suggestion, and I suspect we will do this at some point, but first we're spending our time further improving RAW workflows on both platforms. We have many ideas for this....

Rob Culpepper
07-18-2008, 05:35 PM
Just a suggestion about the Cineform Activation process. A friend of mine recommended Cineform to me but said the activation process is pretty convoluted and involves contacting Cineform and getting them to forward authentiactor codes and so forth.

I would have to agree with your friend. Cineformís installation/upgrade/re-install procedures can definitely be a pain. Donít get me wrong Ė Iím happy with the product - started with Aspect HD, then Prospect HD and now Prospect 2k/4k. And the two Davids seem to be nice guys and responsive on the support line.

But they donít present the complete installation/upgrade procedures on their website, or at least anywhere thatís easy to find Ė and they tell you what to do in small increments, part by email, part by manual, part by dialog box.

Itís like dealing with the CIA or Jason Bourne or something, where they tell you to report to the phone booth on the south side of Waterloo station, and await further instructions :shiftyph34r: . And sometimes the instructions donít parse.

My advice to installers/upgraders who are also procrastinators Ė donít delay activation steps! They will ask you to download the free trial, and if you let that expire before you go through activation, youíre screwed Ė youíll end up having to submit a support ticket and lose one or more days of work. My upgrade to 2k/4k hit a snag - not unexpected - and I am currently at the phone booth (again) awaiting further instructions :biggrin: .

David Taylor
07-20-2008, 08:40 AM
Guys, thanks for the priority requests - we appreciate them. Don't hesitate to give us more....

Blair S. Paulsen
07-20-2008, 04:37 PM
Guys, thanks for the priority requests - we appreciate them. Don't hesitate to give us more....

Mad props to the Davids. Like the Red Team they have that rare gift of competence and humility..., at least most of the time - hehe :matrix: