View Full Version : (major) R3D - Green Hue Shift in Premier Pro CC 2014 w/ Blackmagic Deckllink Extreme

Joseph Pierce
11-26-2014, 11:12 AM
Our dragon camera was updated to 5.2.41, footage was shot 5K using Red Gamma 4.
Bring the footage into premier pro cc 2014.1 (8.1.0 (81) on a nMP @ 10.9.5 with a blackmagic Decklink Extreme running Blackmagic's Desktop Video 10.3.1 and the footage played out through the source or program monitor on the computer display looks fine - footage hitting client monitor via HDMI is hue shifted seemingly towards green... blues are green, browns are pink. Greens are still green. reminiscent of component video with a bad component connection.

Can reproduce on three identical edit bays with identical hardware setups, other projects with footage shot from red dragon on previous firmwares do not manifest this issue. Have tried Desktop Video (blackmagic) 10.2.3, issue persists.

Worth mentioning - between the panasonic plasma and blackmagic is an AJA SDI to HDMI adapter Hi5-3G... no HDSDI reference monitor handy at the moment to test against the converter but again let me stress that ONLY the Dragon footage is hue shifted. 5D footage within the same premier project play out to the client plasma monitor with no hue shift.

Any help would be very much appreciated! Editing with creative director and producer here on site.


Joseph Pierce
11-26-2014, 11:14 AM