View Full Version : My Red Helium does not start well anymore

Etienne Perrin
08-21-2017, 06:53 AM
Hello folks,
I have a problem since I received my Base Expander that was not working well. It's almost impossible to power up my Red Helium, most of the time the PWR button is orange, sometimes green. When I want to start the camera, the fans are working well, but nothing more happened. I can wait for a long time, the sidekick and the screen are black.

Sometimes (it's very rare), the camera is working and the temperature is not often good, sometimes it's 35C, sometimes less (the fans are in adaptive mode). So the "T" for temperature on the screen is yellow, sometimes red.

Do you have an idea of the problem? I tried to call Red, but it's quite difficult to have quick answers in August.

Thank you!

Russ Fill
08-21-2017, 12:38 PM
Anyway to do a firmware re load. Might be worth doing this to see if it fixes it.

Anthony Berenato Jr
08-21-2017, 04:51 PM
I'd definitely try reseating your base expander and maybe even nabbing a little contact cleaner on a lens cloth and hitting both sides of the contacts. Do you have the V-Lock version? I know this one has some weird stuff going on with the side LEDs, as discussed here previously. I believe the manual explains this further.

Which POGO connector do you have your screen hooked up to, or are you using the LEMO adapters? I'd try the opposing POGO (the one on top should always be enabled, but the side connector shares a setting for HDMI Out... Only one can be in use). Have you tried hooking in an HDMI monitor just to see if you get picture?

All in all though, a firmware reload is a good idea if you're hooked into wall power. First time it's going to shut off completely, after the fans blare - give it a good 20 seconds of silence once it's off and pull your media card. Then turn it back on and give it a good while to start back up, maybe a minute and a half. Don't forget to black shade again if you get it all working.

Wish you well, and hopefully you get an early call in tomorrow morning. I believe tech is open very early for EST.