View Full Version : Teradek RT ACI queries...

Dave Draper
04-07-2019, 09:23 AM
Does the MDR.ACI need to be plugged into the REDís CTRL socket and D-Tap at all times in order to function?

For example; our DSMC2 Sidekick is always on, works without wires, and sits on top of our Latitude Sidekick, which we can plug in when needed. This is very convenient, as we donít have wires trailing about unless absolutely necessary.

Also, how does the MDR.ACI integrate with the Teradek Smartknob? This also needs the CTRL socket and D-Tap. Is it now able to draw its power and ďsmartĒ capabilities directly from the ACI?

Chad Lancaster
04-07-2019, 11:45 AM
yes it needs control and power at all times. I don't think Red had anticipated what people were going to do with that side pin, so at the time it was probably just engineered to handle the power of the sidekick.

the mdr.aci has in plugs for accessories, not sure if it'll do control and power for the smartknob. I want to say yes but not 100%