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09-09-2008, 09:44 AM
Great news, really glad that you're going to take on the DSLR Market!

- I would love to see an auto bracket ability where you can express how many stops you wish to capture and the camera will automatically expose across that range with a single click

i.e. not necasserily needing a huge DR on the chip but maybe an automated capture that takes photos at different exposures and outputs to seperate files to be combined later.

- Even better would be to have the option to automatically create combined image 32bit floating point EXR/Radiance files in camera perfectly callibrated for the response curve.

- This could be a way of capturing low light images with very little noise, i.e. the camera could capture lower DR per shot minimising the stress on the sensors. Buffering several frames you could then combine several stops into a customisable stop RAW format?

- Ability to connect to a red drive for timelapse/video capture, possibly fisheye bracketed HDR/RAW?


- Ability to create super high res images i.e. using a fisheye the camera could somehow focus portions of light from the lens onto the chip and automatically construct extreme mega pixel images with low noise and high DR. Possibly to save on processing power and money you could output a custom format which requires a program to build and merge the images on a desktop pc with far cheaper and superior processing power.

You could possibly do this by having the lens light angled to the sensor so as less light is project onto the sensor like the sun at the poles of the earth. then you could calibrate an eyelid system to isolate sections of the lens sequentially capturing small sections of the lens light on the whole sensor to be combined.

I would imagine this would require far higher ISO and/or shutter times so could be a slow process.