View Full Version : Sensor cooling to sub-freezing, dark frame subtraction, etc.

Daniel Browning
09-09-2008, 09:55 AM
One feature that would be very useful for long-exposure and timelapse cinematography would be having easy access to the temperature of the sensor at the time of exposure.

Dark frame subtraction must be correlated with temperature, so knowing what that is would allow the selection of proper dark frames from the library in post production.

Second, the ability to take dark frames easily would be nice. In other words, to be able to specify a closed shutter in the settings, rather than have to take the lens cap on and off.

Third, a sensor cooling option would be great. When sufficient power is available, it would allow you to cool the sensor to a specific temperature: then you could use just *one* dark frame library that is perfectly calibrated for that temperature, instead of a huge library for every possible temperature.

I have plenty of other suggestions, but these will do for starters. :-)