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Jorge Díaz-Amador
09-09-2008, 10:13 AM
My wish list (a/k/a the film camera and rangefinder snob's wish list):

About the size and weight of a Leica M8 or Zeiss Ikon.

No mirror. All framing is done by viewing the sensor image. All mirror reflex or optical rangefinder complications are eliminated and cost is reduced so that money can go into the sensor and electronics.

Color (Bayer mask) or optional Black & White sensor

Sensor Size: Min. 24 x 36 mm / Max. 25.2 x 37.7 mm (Vistavision equivalent)

Micro lenses on the sensor to allow the use of lenses with short back focus (rangefinder lenses).

Resolution: Color: 80-100 lp/mm 4800 x 7200 pixels 34.6 MP
B&W: 150 lp/mm 6000 x 9000 pixels 54.0 MP

100% film equivalent performance in spatial resolution. Reduced OLPF impact by using software to reduce aliasing, so the OLPF does not have to reduce MTF at pixel pitch to zero, just to a lower value.

Custom scaling chip that would allow these high resolutions to be converted in real time to 1080p, allowing motion image capture (I don't like calling it video, RED doesn't do legacy).

Interchangeable sub-mount for the lens mount. This would allow Leica M and any popular still lens mount with longer back focus than Leica M. Auto-focus would be integrated into the sub-mount, and interface with the camera electronics, but you could also go manual.

Something really slick would be to mount the sensor on a movable platform with about +/- 2mm movement. This way a manual lens could be "rough focused" and the camera itself could do the fine focus.

I think this camera should be optimized as a DSLR and film SLR/Rangefinder substitute, that can also shoot motion images better than 99% of the video cameras out there, but it should not try to compete with RED ONE or EPIC in motion imaging performance.

OK, I'm done... for now. But I do want to say this: I'm out of the owner-operator business as far as cinematography (I prefer to rent from my customers when I need a cine camera). But I do want to own a top-notch still camera. And I'm so tired of dealing with the B.S. of traveling with film. But I just won't compromise on quality.

I know how passionate Jim is about photography. If he is making his dream camera, he is also making my dream camera.

09-10-2008, 10:08 AM
i think this list is near to perfect.
a rangefinder type camera with an evf and a micro 4/3 like standardmount with adapters for the other vendor's lenses is still a really big niche in the dslr market.

09-10-2008, 11:39 AM
Still resolution upto = 9288 x 6000 ( over 50 mp)
Upto 10 fps (still mode)
Motion = upto 2 k (with 1 to 70 fps)
Same depth of field as a 35 mm movie camera ( movie mode)
Also can use all kind of nikon canon lens with their mounts.
Optical HD 720p viewfinder for (movie mode) with its adapter.
Special mattebox for DSLR lens (movie mode)
Upto 100 MBps (movie mode)
Special and simple shoulder ring for shooting on shoulder (both movie and still mode)
Better size like a canon Eos Mark series (which can use stedy when shoot movies ) nt exactly same model...
Weight = upto 3.2 pound (for body only)for flexibility
Two Audio in puts
Record RAW at native resolution ( both still and motion)
Under = $ 2800
okey so these are my basic requirements..!

Pawel Achtel
09-11-2008, 12:39 AM
1. Ability to use PL glasss: uhh Red Primes and MPs would make look Canon and Nikon medival

2. Auto focus matrix displaying small rectangles of ares in sharp focus when shutter half pressed

3. No mirror, no mechanical shutter, no SLR - just sharp screen with 1:1 zoom

4. Ability to do HDR (multiple exposures) using REDCODE - saves time in post

5. Pre-record - snap picture just after the event happened

6. Time machine :clown2: OK, this can be an upgrade