View Full Version : Dragon-X vs original Weapon Dragon 6K

Dana Neibert
04-23-2021, 08:44 AM
Does anyone know the difference between the two cameras? Do they both use the same Dragon sensor?

04-23-2021, 10:24 AM
Hi Dana,
Yes, both have the Dragon Sensor Technology. The Dragon X had for some time the 5K sensor, but now has been upgraded to 6K, so it is the same amount of K's now. The difference lies in the cameras themselves. The internals are different and the ability to pull faster framerates at higher resolutions are the main differences. You could go deeper into the specs of the cameras, but essentially you will get the same image quality. Again, you will probably get a myriad of answers here off users who have maybe one or the other, or both, or the DSMC1 EPIC / Scarlet upgraded Dragons.

Red got a little complicated with all the camera names and have now just consolidated them into DSMC2 and Ranger bodies with the difference in sensors: Dragon, Helium, Gemini and Monstro VV. You have the Komodo as well, respectively. Again, you just have to read over the specs of each specific camera, as they do have slight differences in performances. For example: Gemini is a LowLight beast and the Dragon-X is a great all-rounder, etc, etc.

Here is a video from Brainbox Studios video on the WD6K:


and the details on the Dragon-X are here:

I hope that helps.