View Full Version : Wanting to see RED in Oregon

Galaxy Sailor
09-19-2008, 12:25 PM
Hey there. I am absolutely as new as possible to all things ready. I have been a back room player in the video world, running a wedding/commercial business out of my home and teaching science at a middle school level. My true passion has been my filming and I am now stepping into this world with both feet. I have been a biologist at heart, a fire fighter by trade, a teacher by day, and a film maker in spirit. Now that I have stepped into a larger world, I feel as though I have never known anything. Here is to learning all that I can.

I have never seen a RED camera in person, and I am just starting to really learn all the is HD and RED. I have been shooting with GL2's, which are good for what I was doing, but I know now that there is a level beyond all that I have known.

I am moving to Portland, Oregon, soon, and from there trying to meet up and work with anyone that I can and learn more about cameras and filming. I am ready to travel anywhere and get my hands on whatever experience I can and learn from whatever I can. I signed on to these boards to read as much as possible about RED and the people that use them.

I am excited for my new adventure.