View Full Version : Can RED DSMC beat Canon 1Di?

11-13-2008, 07:03 PM
Some of you may have seen this rumor:

When I created that rumor, it was a joke. But after seeing what RED is planning to release next year, it suddenly doesn't seem that far fetched.

If you read the rumor, it talks about an immobile electronic mirror that become fully transparent with an application of power. The mirror also acts as the shutter. If this were possible there are many implications.

1. No more mechanical mirror or shutter!
2. Extremely high shutter speeds
3. No more rolling shutter issue (at least for the shutter, you'll need to fix the rolling sensor issue)
4. Unlimited x-sync speeds
5. Sealed sensor (dust collections on easier to reach electronic mirror instead)
6. Lowered blackout time
7. FPS is only limited by data rate.

I know you guys are looking for a wish list, it just so happens that list is my wish list :)

Going in an completely opposite directly you can design a camera such that it doesn't have a mirror nor shutter at all. The sensor itself will use the sampling rate will act as a shutter. If you decide to go in this directly, then you can do some really interesting things. For example, you can have a zero flange distance. This would allow the last element to almost touch the sensor, which would allow for some interesting lens designs. With an adapter you can always add flange distance to match any existing lens.