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Joseph Ward
11-15-2008, 09:53 PM
I was wondering if all Jims/Red/Moderators can make Stickies of the DSMC. With all the threads and questions out there... Would it be possible to have a Sticky to inform all who would like to know more about work flow, systems, modular, setups, etc. I suggest have one sticky with, each category, audio, frame rates, compatibility, lenses, brains, etc. I'm sorry if this sounds silly but there are too many questions out there and I'm sure they are being answered, but why should Jim/RED/moderators repeat them on differ threads? Also some people may have a hard time sifting to all the threads to find answers. :detective2: Maybe all answered questions can be on the sticky?

Any other suggestions are welcome, to make these forums/Red/DSMC a little easier for everyone to understand. :construction: Thanks