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Denis Buhot
11-16-2008, 07:50 AM
My apologies if we haven't 100% satisfied you, we'll try and do better next time.

But please don't question RED's motivation or desire to provide professional imaging tools.

My apologies to you and Red team if I chose the wrong words... As Laurie points it, I'm not a native speaker. Did I ever question red's motivation for providing (the best) professional imaging tools ? I've posted very enthusiastic posts here myself. From which I don't detract one single word... No way, you misread me. And I mean no offence. Just my true feeling, based on facts and words.

I know quite well many features on R1 (4 channels audio, pre-record mode) are designed for efp use. And Laurie is right : it helps a lot.

I just say many of them are dispensable, while sleep mode is basic.

Worse, those features proved misleading. They made me think the R1 had been designed to be used on efp/eng projects, too. So no way I could expect
a power saving function to have been bypassed. Especially when Jim "personally" and ironically suggested I just had to wait for this feature to be enabled...

It's one problem with Jim, in some sense, and with all due respect. He does speak inimitable words. Some people's words sound like their word, and Jim's one of them !

And he wants us to trust him and take his word(s). And he's right. He has promised a lot, achieved more than he had promised most of the time.

Well, I did take his word. He told me to wait for a basic feature to be enabled. Had not he already achieved so much more than such a basic feature ? I purchased my R1 because he, Jim, who speaks the way he does, had mocked my feature request as an already planned and granted one

I guess few but Laurie realized that the level of my expectations just shows real, true respect. I'm not sure that the kind of "can't wait" hysteria I sometimes read on this board is true respect. May be it's better not to ever expect it from a plain, ordinary customer.

Apologies made, respect paid, very sincerely. But please, don't miss the point here.

Stuart English
11-16-2008, 08:08 AM
Understood. Its good to clear the air. Time to move on then.

Please PM me if you have any other concerns I can help you with.