View Full Version : Stills "tagging" while in Motion mode... and other sundry

Trevor Meier
11-21-2008, 03:05 AM
I'd like to see this: to be able to 'tag' frames with the shutter release while shooting motion. The tags get written to the metadata as a marker, and there's an option in RedAlert et. al to jump to each marker and export the stills (along with a batch export, save to DNG/RAW, export to Lightroom/Photoshop etc.)

I'm excited about the potential of an Epic or Scarlet FF35 as a killer doc camera. If the ergonomics can be worked out and the weight kept low enough, having to only bring/clean/maintain/charge batteries/download/backup one camera system for my many treks across desolate places will be fantastic.

Since stills has entered the RED equation... any plans to support DNG or some other RAW stills format to enable Lightroom support?

Being a great stills camera is much more than just a handgrip and a shutter release... but Jim knows that. The guy's owned more stills cameras than [[searching for adequate metaphor...]]

Who knew when I put down my reservation for #182 that RED would be endangering my 5D's?