View Full Version : Jim, many thanks on the upgrade....

david farland
11-21-2008, 02:04 PM
1. I like your support program for the Red. Keeping it updated with Mysterim X & Monstro is cool and exactly what you promised.
Dunno how you're going to work out the supporting electronics but i hope you kept modularity in mind when you designed the original.
That draws a line under you responsibilities on RedOne, so thanks!

2. The newer Epics are coming out and you're providing a good upgrade from the RedOne line, so thanks here again.
I made a $80k purchase to have a robust Red setup and if I go to an Epic, it looks like I can use $75K of this, so thanks again!
Obviously, to improve fps & resolutions i'll need newer accessories but hey...

So cheers & thanks again,


ps: got a date when you'll announce accessory prices?