View Full Version : Watch out...

Jason Ramsey
12-04-2008, 12:50 AM
... I'm going super-hair trigger.

This is about the extreme lack of respect many of you show for each other, and your seeming inability to not get involved in childish personal disputes, name-calling, etc...

#1 rule is respect for each other. disagree without being disagreeable. It ain't been followed, and it hasn't been enforced near enough. I don't even need to explain what I'm talking about here. If I do... then I guess I'll be banning a lot of folks.

Show some respect to these boards and to each other. I'm really, really sick of seeing threads littered with insults, impoliteness, lack of respect for each other, and just general kindergarten behavior.

So, here is your heads up. Any tiny little hint I happen to come across for the next while will result in immediate banning (either temporary or permanent at my discretion). Sorry, if you get caught in the crossfires inadvertently. Just don't get involved in it at all, and you won't.

It's time to clean house. ZERO tolerance until people can learn to communicate with a little more forethought and a lot less... well... childishness.

no arguing. no rudeness, no disrespect for these boards or for each other, no trolling, no multiple accounts, no anything but professional attitudes.

I'm going overboard with enforcement to compensate for how out of hand things have gone.

<assassin mode on until further notice>