View Full Version : Questions about electronics lenses and REDCODE

Fergus Meiklejohn
12-04-2008, 03:55 AM
First off: (IMHO) Epic and Scarlet - Brilliant, then after the 3rd of Dec an improvement on brilliant! Congratulations to everyone at RED :weight_lift:

I have a few questions, apologies if they have been answered in the threads but I just don't have time to wade through 1000 posts to get the info..:wink: And I doubt that I am alone in that..

The Electronic Zoom FF35 lenses: I'm certain the optics will be top notch but I am wondering if we have any information on their "electronic" component? Have RED released any information about what that will allow us to do with them? I'm sure we can all imagine lots of possibilities.. :biggrin:

The different incarnations of REDCODE: what do the different numbers mean? Do they indicate different performance characteristics?