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Steen Linde
12-11-2008, 01:58 PM
Hi Im a little bit confused on how to get through this workflow. Im going to grade a feature in Scratch. I will get a clean EDL,CMX3600, from FCP. After grading I will export to 1080P DPX files. The DPX files are going back to FCP with Gluetools plugin installed. When I export out of Scratch I render the DPX files with the filname included(ec. A001_C010_000001.dpx). I also wants to output to seperat folders to keep the same file structure as in the FCP project. I cant find a way to do that, like in REDRUSHES where the folder you render to, is called exactly the same as the filename. In Scratch the folder will get an "EVENT" name instead. Now the file structure is different from the FCP project. OK... I wil try to see if FCP can reconnect to the new media files. It dosent work without me taking every single shot in each folder and by hand relink the footage. Under that process I get a lot of warnings in FCP about the in and outs are wrong and the reel names are wrong. When I look at the reconnected footage it is OK. This way is very time consuming because there are 1288 clips in the timeline right now, and the relink process should only be one or two clicks away.
Do some of you have the solution for the naming thing in Scratch and how getting it to work in FCP?

After grading the plan is that the producer locates different shots in the timeline that needs to go to a VFX house for CGI. He will pick the shots and use "reveal in finder" to locate the relevant DPX files and send them off. There is a lot of CG to be done on this project and the producer/director who is an acomplished CGI artist himself wants to follow and evaluate the VFX work as the finished shots comes back. He can then replace the "old shots" on the timeline in FCP. When the whole project is finished it is ready to output on HDCAMSR. Do you guys have ideas or inputs for this workflow? What is your experience with working with DPX files in FCP?


John Tissavary
12-11-2008, 02:51 PM
On the surface it seems like a reasonably manageable workflow, except for the fact that there is no way in Scratch to alter the names of folders, as you found out.

If you have someone local who can write TCL or Perl scripts, they could automate the folder renaming process for you - that's the best suggestion I have, other than renaming it manually.

As far as re-connecting in FCP, I'm at a loss there. I think FCP's greatest weakness is media management. Reconnecting clips has been a nightmare for us as well (though our FCP workflow ends after EDL is created).

Personally, I use Scratch to visualize & manage the VFX pipeline - that's one of the things it's very good at.



Seth Larney
01-01-2009, 02:46 AM
I'm not sure why you would want to go back to FCP at all after the grade in Scratch?

As John mentions, Scratch is a complete DI and project management package, which is brilliant at managing VFX versions etc.. it's what it's built to do. Just export the VFX shots from Scratch and then lay them back in when they come back from VFX. It keeps track of shot versions etc so you can build up your finished project there, really neat and powerful.

Or.. is the problem that you have limited access to the Scratch suite?