View Full Version : Smoke XML import changes 10bit to 8bit

Allan Stallard
12-12-2008, 10:47 AM
I posted in the Apple section too, but thought maybe some Discreet users might have some insight.

We have a FCP project, sequence, and media that is 10bit. XML conforms fine to 10bit when brought back to FCP.

When opening XML in Smoke it's 8bits. Media that is shared gets imported @ 8bits too when using the XML module.

Media manually imported remains 10bit, but the XML will not link to that 10bit media.

Smoke 2009 ext1 sp1

XML shows up as 10bit in text editor

OK so after lengthy support calls here is the skinny:

Autodesk helps point to the culprit. Inside the XML is "colordepth=24" even though throughout the XML it lists the FCP project and media as "10bit"

So we discuss this at length with Apple support and the ignorant woman insists that "just because it says colordepth 24 does not mean it's not 10bits"

I am not impressed.

The workaround is to edit the XML where it says 24 to say 30 and save it. NOW it's 10bits.


Here is the proper way to deal with this in smoke/flame that was posted on another board. Thank you to the original poster:

"If you import the XML and then go to the Library BEFORE capturing, you will
have an empty sequence sitting in your library with no media. It will have
all the settings you are talking about including the incorrect 8 bit

At that point all you have to do is reformat the sequence under the
tools>Unlink/Relink>reformat menu to 10 bit. Then go to
tools>Unlink/Relink>recapture and it will put you back to the same capture
menu as you had when you first imported the XML, but at the correct 10 bits.

You can also now use this sequence to link to your manually imported 10 bit
media as well using the recapture from reel."