View Full Version : 25-100 f2.8 AF Stabilized!

Martin Saxer
12-17-2008, 06:17 PM
Among all these most amazing announcements this one has not yet been discussed: a FF 25-100 f2.8 AF stabilized zoom lens. These are indeed ground-breaking specs, especially with this S of DSMC in mind. Neither Canon nor Nikon has such a lens.
If this lens lives up to RED's reputation for no-fuss professional quality, it is a big step towards the vision of DSMC.

Nils J. Nesse
12-17-2008, 06:33 PM
I was thinking the same thing -- If it can compare to the quality of the Nikon or Sony-Zeiss 24-70 2.8 lenses, it's a very impressive feat.

Steve Gibby
12-17-2008, 10:49 PM
Each of the new RED FF35 electronic lenses announced on December 3 are image stabilized, with the exception of the 15-25 zoom (wide angles don't need IS). Beyond that, all of those lenses, and the 2x and 1.4x extenders are also auto-focus capable. Notice the "AF" next to them. The RED, Nikon, and Canon mounts are also electronically wired mounts.

For a DSMC to effectively compete with the DSLRs from Nikon and Canon, AF and IS are necessary features. It is no surprise that RED announced them for the DSMC cameras and the new lenses for them.

Very cool I'd say...

Link to 12/3 announcement specifications: