View Full Version : SGO MISTIKA - Anyone use it?

Tim Whitcomb
01-07-2009, 08:43 PM
Been scouring these boards the past few days and have heard it mentioned
but am curious if any on here has it, tried it, or heard of it.

Supposedly does 4K real time... weblink here


Or if possible, can anyone point me to any posts I might have missed?

The weird thing is you contact them, and you get this form email inviting you to Mexico for a demo all expenses paid.

In poorly written english... and it seems like a scam. but the demos appear legit so its bizarre

Thanks so much

01-12-2009, 08:21 AM

No it's not a scam although a trip to Mexico sounds great :-)

I am from Concrete Post Production in London (www.concretePostProduction.com (http://www.concretePostProduction.com)) and we have two Mistika systems, as well as two Smokes and two quantel eQs. I personally use the Mistikas.

I have used Mistika for many years it's very powerful being an unlimited layer compositor with feature-film quality grading built in. One of it's key aspects is speed as SGO, the programmers of Mistika have been very successful in using Nvidia graphics processors for many years. Certainly we have been used to realtime, multiple window colour grading in HD and 2K for 3+ years.

The company that program it are based in Madrid, Spain, which perhaps excuses any odd English you found! The hardware is *relatively* straight forward HP linux boxes with Nvidia graphics, centaurus video card etc.

We used Mistika on the first RED job that was post produced in a London facility over a year ago. Then, Mistika couldn't read RED natively, so we converted to DPX and used Mistikas ability to instantly conform and work with 2K DPX's real time. The latest systems work with RED directly, so I hear, and have 4k real time features.

The second reel on our homepage at www.concretePostProduction.com (http://www.concretePostProduction.com) (VFX reel) is almost completely Mistika.

I would certainly encourage you to have a look. We wouldn't do without them any more.


Tim Whitcomb
01-21-2009, 03:00 PM
Thanks David. this is great, I really appreciate the detailed response.