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John Jonathan
04-14-2009, 09:46 AM
Hello Everyone. I have a few questions about scratch. I know it does conforming and CC, that is for sure. I have seen the demos, but they always demo stuff I already know it does. Like CC and Conforming.

1. Roto: Can the Scratch do basic compositing? Like a locked shot, TV Comp.

2. Multilayer: This goes along with q1. If I have lots of layers can I key out or mask parts of a top layer? Like in AE.

3. Color Conversions: Can the scratch do color space conversions? Can I convert LIN to LOG to REDLOG etc? Can I have a certain colorspace timeline and bring in a different type of footage and change to the colorspace to match the timelines?

3. I/O: Is the NVIDIA SDI the only way to get Dual Link out of the box? Is there an option to use boards from AJA, Bluefish etc??

4. Stability: I have heard some people complaining about lots of crashes with Scratch. Especially when you do 2k+

5. Editing: Does it have any basic editing features. not Trimming, but split screen, multilayer editing?

Thank You. I appreciate any responses.

John Tissavary
04-14-2009, 04:21 PM
1) Very basic, but it is possible to have many layers, held out via keys, roto mattes.

2) Very basic, but yes. The 'Scaffold' option in Scratch is the layer system, and you can have not only layers of color corrections (secondaries), but also images and masks on these layers.

3) Yes. There is a built in log-lin conversion. You can also use Scratch to roll your own color conversions.

3) I/O - yes, Nvidia SDI is the only way to output SDI from within Scratch.

4) I don't have excessive crashes with Scratch, but that's my own experience. Others' mileage may vary depending on hardware and the kinds of work done. I do mostly 2k DPX and R3D. All software crashes. I'll crash anything you put in front of me sooner or later...

5) Basic, yes. Do you mean like picture in picture multilayer effects? It's possible, but more as a rudimentary composite. There is only ONE timeline in Scratch. You can have many layers, but each layer is inside a single cut, so that's a limitation to multilayer edit type effects.


John T.

04-30-2009, 02:19 AM
4.Not lots of crashes, but it happens sometime. assimilate sais the problem is the hardware , and they will tell you to use the hardware sys just like REDBOX etc...
i don't think this is the best way to slove the problem.
ASSIMILATE SCRATCH is a very good tool which is support REDONE R3D files. very good indeed. BUT if i want to buy your software to install on my system,please show your suppor to us . because you sell your software and i buy it. it will be good to us. isn'it ?