View Full Version : It worked!

04-15-2009, 05:09 PM
Today we screened a test print of a feature shot on Red that were conforming and color grading in Scratch, and..... wait for it.... it looked F'ing gorgeous.

It took weeks of back and forth with the lab trying to dial in our color management and LUT workflow, (Big props to Mark from Alpha Cine in Seattle), but we finally got it.

The director was thrilled. He commented that his fear was when watching it full screen that the digital nature of it all would somehow sneak into the image, but it didn't. It really felt like film. (The film is Some Days Are Better Than Others, findable on IMDB.)

We still have much to learn and lots of trial and error to help perfect our new bag of tricks, but man what a cool moment. Good stuff. Its miller time.