View Full Version : RedRushes > FCP > Crimson > Intermediates > CC ?

Andreas Steinlein
06-19-2009, 03:41 AM
Hi, I try to figure out a workflow to stay open with all metadata using crimson.


1. Using RedRushes for my Proxies.
2. Edit in FinalCut
3. Export a XML
3. Generate "Cowboy" Intermediates in Crimson and a RedCine XML,
and now I want to go to my ColorGradingSystem.
I know that I could render a DPX sequence and make a roundtrip XML, but I want to work with the untouched Rawfiles.

My possibilities are to use Color or Baselight.
Color crashes when I try to open the RedCine Intermediate XML, Baselight I can't check out now.

Have anyone an Idea why Color Crashes, and does it work with baselight on that way.

Or what is the best way to grade with the bestlight system using the R3D files and edit in FCP.

Thx Andi

Martin Tlaskal
06-22-2009, 02:58 PM
Hi Andreas,

Baselight is able to natively read FCP XML files and R3D movies and deal with the vagaries of R3D conform (long tape names, 2 types of timecode etc) properly. So, you should be able to export an XML file from FCP and conform native R3Ds or DPX files without problems. Your Baselight will need a 4.1 build to get the native R3D functionality.

PM me if anything comes up.