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07-18-2009, 09:37 PM
I am fairly new to red post workflow and don't really understand the differences between the ways to convert to Prores 422. Using the different ways as mentioned in the title area there is a big time difference in time of rendering with each. redcine and redrushes are very time intensive where log and Transfer is much faster. I'm on a mac using FCP by the way.

I'm working with a commercial DP and he and I are trying to speed up the time between wrapping of a shoot and editing. He would like to spend only a day to convert the footage to editable online footage. Final output to broadcast in 1080p most likely. Using Redcine and redrushes the render time is way to long. If I use Log and Transfer I'm able to convert all the footage to Proress 422 fairly quick. But i'm not sure if it has the same latitude of luminance, color space and so on as the original footage.

This is my first post here and I'm looking for some guidance.
Hope my inquire is understandable.

Hans-Georg Daun
07-19-2009, 03:17 AM
The basic descision you need to make is if you want to (or can afford to) edit with reference files (proxies) or not.
Editing with reference files allows you to import into FCP very quickly at the expense of editing performance.
Most people chose to transcode to, say, 1K ProRes for editing, then conform to H-proxies when the edit is locked and before going to Color.
Transcoding in FCP is no faster than transcoding in REDrushes or Clipfinder (in fact, it is usually slower, because FCP uses multi-processor machines less effectively).
Have a look at Clipfinder 2.2 beta (link in my signature). If you have a laptop on set, this will allow you to check shots, perform a simple one-light and transcode in the background while still on set. It will also allow you to easily conform from low-res transcoded QuickTimes to H-proxies before going to Color.
Clipfinder has integrated online help, which can be accessed by pressing CMD-?.

I hope this helps.
Feel free to mail me of you need more info.