View Full Version : PCI Express X16 Expasion to Scratch + RedRocket

09-12-2009, 04:59 PM
I dont have free pciexpress slot in my scratch server
1 pcixpress 16x for Quadro 5600 sdi
2 pcxpress 16 x slots for 2 RAID system card 48 HD
i can use one 16x (raid prefer, raid card pcie16x slot, really this card is 8X dont use 16x with band) for main borad expasion and convert to one 16X slot + 8X for Redrocket in pcexpress expansino system? is possible?
Im have a 8U server i can attach mainbord emmbed and redrocket in to big case

Pls any one have Idea

i can use this? http://www.cyclone.com/products/expansion_systems/index.php