View Full Version : Storage and post help for Red in India

Neil Sadwelkar
09-23-2009, 07:00 AM
In Mumbai, India, or anyhwere else in India.

Anyone who's not yet got good storage for Red workflows.
Or anyone who's got some cheap storage boxes and are now regretting it.

I do consultancy for Red storage, Red workflows, shared storage, location storage, rugged storage. You can even park your Red files on a secure drive array till post starts. Or make long-term LTO backups.

Or conversion for editing in Avid or FCP. or conforms to original R3D files after edit in Avid or FCP. Or of you've tried and it simply doesn't connect. Or any such horror stories with Red.

I can help. Contact me. But it won't be free.

neil at pixion dot tv