View Full Version : REDCINE-X to DPX FILM OUTPUT

Patrick Demers
02-19-2010, 10:22 AM
Finally got an offline picture lock on an independant feature film I shot in the summer of 2008, on build 16, without the now recommended infrared filters.

Processing 10bit LOG DPX through REDCINE-X to use the NEW COLOR SCIENCE.
The Lab where the CC will be done wants a PDLog985 Gamma Space output.
Should I work with RedSpace, CameraRGB or RedColor Space?
Should I use FLUT Control to give them the maximum dynamic range?
Should I keep the default 0.5 DRX setting?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this.

Patrick Demers
02-22-2010, 04:34 AM
Anybody home?

Jean-Charles Wolfarth
02-22-2010, 04:56 AM
It may sound silly but I would use the color space I feel comfortable with and the gamma space they want. Just export one or two DPX frames, email them and see with them if that's what they need.

It's always better to see directly with the people in charge of the finishing work. :closedeyes:

Patrick Demers
02-22-2010, 10:19 AM
Already checked with the people in charge, but since redcine-x is pretty new, they haven't tested it yet, so that's why I'm asking...

We'll probably be doing some tests, but I was wondering if someone had any experience about this.

Rainer Fritz
02-22-2010, 02:39 PM
pdlog985 looks for me not the best solution to go on a filmprint....
685, redlog, redgamma looks for me a good way... color space of your choice....

the best way would be if they can conform native raw... as color or nucoda or baselight etc. can do it... on the most you will not find the new color science (FLUT™, etc.) that will come soon but would be the best way in my opinion.... to have full control over the metadata in the grading is very helpful and you get full 12bit input if i dont misunderstand....

thats like grading on the camera negative...

02-23-2010, 01:08 AM
I'd recommend REDcolor with a white balance for the colorspace.

We're adding REDfilm (beta) to a release very soon. This will be way better than any of the PDlogs for output in a cineon printing density workflow.

Patrick Demers
02-23-2010, 07:19 AM
Thank you for your comments.

I'll be sure to add the white balance tweak to my tests (the lab didn't want me to touch anything).

I'll pray for an update soon so that I can test this new REDfilm gamma (and hopefully get a chance to load an EDL of some kind to speed up my workflow).

Patrick Demers
03-01-2010, 04:35 AM
Tests have finally been done with differents ways to output the same underexposed clip in LOG DPX for work on Baselight (without the R3D files support).

Surprisingly, the results aren't what was expected. RedSpace is prefered by the colorist over RedColor because of clipping in the blue channel.

In fact, the colorist wants the clips to be set on ''default'' for WB, FLUT and ISO. There's nothing that I could do in Redcine-X that they couldn't do on Baselight, so the Lab doesn't want any ajustment whatsoever.

I guess the new REDcolor and REDgamma settings are meant to be used mostly for HD output.

Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions. Hopefully the announced REDfilm gamma will give us more range over PDLOG.

Jean-Charles Wolfarth
03-01-2010, 10:05 AM
I'm not really surprised by your conclusion, Pat. I tend to prefer Redspace over Redcolor now too, because the colors are like film, gentle and subtle. More natural.