View Full Version : handling redcine x - some Q`s

CŁneyt Kaya
04-20-2010, 12:47 AM
hi friends, i didnt really use redcine x yet,
i have a couple of Q`s, would be cool if someone could give some answers.

1. How do i apply redgamma and redcolor to All Clips?
2. is there a way to skip through the clips on the timeline instead of scrubbing through the timeline?
3. How do i put frameguides over the images?
4. After doing three where can i scale and crop?
5. On Export, when exporting to Quicktime, where do i set up which codec, ProRes for example?
6. can i move Clips around the timeline?
7. Is there a way to see a comparision between a graded clip and a non graded clip?
8. Where do i set up the Project framerate? lets say i want to set up a 25 fps project,is it then possible to mix 24fps footage and 25 fps footage?
8.1. I want to have a 2k timeline for scaling and cropping reasons
9. Tried to export 3 clips, redcine x made one big clip although i choosed to have subfolders for all clips, how do i do this and maintain the clipnames?
10. Where do i choose the different alghorhymths for export (gaussian etc.)
11. Is there a manual?
12. Can it be that redcine X uses compressor to render the r3d files and not redline? Because my exported quicktimes looked horrible, but i am sure i didnt really made it right.
13. Loading clips: How can i choose a motherfolder, so all folders with r3d files in subfolders will be loaded into the bin, form there its just a drag and drop to the timeline, right?

thanXs a lot