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shin sugino
07-17-2010, 09:49 AM
Arri Canada がAlexa をスタジオに持ってきてくれました。2−3時間だけでしたが来週には3−4日貸してくれるそうです。実際の 仕事をレッドと並行して撮影しポストまでやってみてくらべてみることになっています。
第一印象としてはファインダーの精密度と操作性の簡単なことが印象的でした。DRはレッドを上回ると思いま す。(数値的にはということです。実際にはレッドMXも問題はありません。)解像度は矢張り2Kと4Kの差 は歴然でレッドのほうが勝っています。

Alexa はレンズマウントとセンサーが一体になっていてレッドのようにマウント部がずれてセンサーの位置がずれやす いという欠点が無くなっています。

実際に購入するかどうかというのは微妙な問題です。エピックがあれば必要無いというのが本音ですが戦略的に 持っていなければならなくなると思います。

Kaku Ito
07-18-2010, 03:35 AM

Paul Leeming
07-18-2010, 09:08 AM




After using our Mysterium-X Red One for over a month now I can safely say that Alexa isn't going to win in a contest with the current generation, let alone Epic! It's just not in the same ballpark in so many areas.... resolution, size, modularity, RAW workflow and recording, cost.... the list goes on!

Paul ;)

shin sugino
07-18-2010, 12:20 PM
I agree with you. Number wise MX beats Alexa. I suspect good number of DOP in town (on that matter everywhere in the world) are going to rent Arri for emotional reason. Good 50% of DOP have no idea about digital cinema and lot of them are pretending to understand digital cinema. Using IPhone make them think they are up to date on digital revolution. They are going to feel very comfortable using Arri because of their history with Arri. If Alexa makes post procedure easier than Red there will be pressure from post side to use Alexa as well. Remember experienced editors (read it as old) don't understand digital cinema either. I'm still getting bad mouthed about Red by some old editors because of their ignorance on workflow for Red.

Believe me I have no desire to spend extra $80,000 for something less than Red. Unfortunately I might be forced to spend the money for political and strategic reasons.

One thing I know, rental houses and broadcast industry are going crazy for Alexa. Canada had allocation of 60 Alexa this year and all of them are taken.

I bad mouthed older DOPs and editors. I am older guy too. But I might be old on my waste down, shoulder up I like to think I'm still in 20's.