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Miltos Pilalitos
11-02-2010, 11:16 AM
I finally got Vegas and although there are many improvements overall, I am disappointed to say that it still can't read the correct TC from R3D files! :mad:

Both EdgeCode and Absolute TC are non existent for Vegas and thus the EDL export script generates a useless EDL.

I don't understand how no person from the Vegas' developer team realizes the problem!

So, if you had hopes for Vegas --> RC-X workflow you are set for a disappointment. Actually, any workflow (Storm anyone?) that includes Vegas is not gonna happen.

If Sony doesn't wake up soon they will loose an important potential market.


donatello b
11-02-2010, 02:46 PM
the roots of Vegas was/is = it's a tool that one does everything (start to end)
starting back in Vegas 2 ... since then the EDL has been a it doesn't quite work so well ...
one can edit and finish in Vegas using r3d clips .. so for somebody that has spent the $600 to buy it they can finish to Blu-Ray , output DPX etc to 4k/2k/HD/SD etc and that IS it's strong point ... you know the weak ..

every app has it's limits .. i've been using Vegas since V2 .. i start & finish in Vegas .. for past few years i do take clips into AE to work on then back to Vegas .. i just render out frames or uncompressed video = work in AE .. then render back out to uncompressed video ... it works for my output to blu-ray ...

IMO Vegas is not aimed at the market that needs to go to/from Avid/storm etc..

Vegas developers do listen to request (was beta tester V3-9) .. go over to sony Vegas web site and put in request ...

Subhadip Sen
11-02-2010, 11:56 PM
It does read a Timecode. It's there in the Properties. I also applied the Timecode FX and some timecode is output. Whether this is the correct timecode or not, I don't know. It also depends on what you have set as the format of the said timecode. Or perhaps the EDL script is broken? Get in touch with support, they can help you out.

And yes, Donatello is pretty much spot on throughout. Tell the developers about your issue, they will offer you a solution. Or fix it if required.

Miltos Pilalitos
11-04-2010, 12:42 PM

Vegas doesn't read the correct timecode from R3Ds and there is nothing in the properties but a general dialogue, present in all kinds of footage. Even in those with no timecode at all.


The EDL that Vegas exports is correctly structured and it actually works perfectly with every other footage i have worked with in Vegas. It only fails when it comes to RED footage.

The problem existed ever since Vegas started working natively with R3D footage. I have actually mentioned the problem to Sony's support page but didn't receive any reply yet.

The workflow you are describing works, but there is extra time into it, extra files generated and the grading is not done natively to the RAW footage.

Reading the correct timecode from your footage is not related to what market Vegas is targeting. It's something that should work and it doesn't.

I can't even comprehend how they didn't notice such an important bug in V9.0 and now in v10.0

donatello b
11-05-2010, 03:24 PM
i ask sony vegas about r3d TC and here's their answer ...

"We added TC reading for RED media files in one of the Vegas Pro 9 updates. It should also be working in Vegas Pro 10..."

so they say it's already reading it ...

anybody else not seeing the correct TC ??

Miltos Pilalitos
11-05-2010, 11:14 PM
Well just run the script that adds the TC on the video and compare it with the AC or EC as can be seen in RC-X. They are nowhere to be seen.

Vegas can't read The Edge Code or Absolute Code from R3D files and these are the ones that work on the EDL.

Subhadip Sen
11-06-2010, 12:02 AM
Militos, I can absolutely confirm that Vegas Pro 10 is reading TC off R3D. I am seeing in Project Media > Properties > Timecode. The timecode it is reading is the same as EC in RCX. I never checked with V9 but I am sure they fixed it in an update for that too as the support claims. Perhaps there's some incompatibility / dependency issue from your system's side? Or perhaps just a simple configuration/settings quirk. Do get in touch with Vegas Support, they will help you out. Also, I do feel you are jumping to conclusions.

Miltos Pilalitos
11-06-2010, 02:58 AM
Militos, I can absolutely confirm that Vegas Pro 10 is reading TC off R3D. I am seeing in Project Media > Properties > Timecode. The timecode it is reading is the same as EC in RCX.

Yes you are right about Vegas 10 reading the time-code.

Creating a fresh project in Vegas 10 and importing R3D files, i can see the AC too now.

But we tried an edit which started in Vegas 9.0 (where we couldn't see the time-code) and migrated to Vegas 10 and the time-code was absent in Vegas 10 too!

It looks like when opening old Vegas 9 edits in Vegas 10 the time-code is not reread from the r3D files or something like that (!).

But you are wrong about the EdgeCode being the same as in RCX.

Here is a test i did 10 minutes ago with a clip named: A008_C008_04288K_001

EC in RC-X:

but in Vegas:

So EC in RC-X starts from 01:03:06:06 but what Vegas is reading starts from 10:55:06:08 which is not the EC but the good news is that it is the Absolute Code (AC in RC-X) Which is as useful!

All Vegas 9 was reading for the same clip was 00:00:00:00 but i have not one available to me so i can't post a picture.

So bottom line... Vegas 10 does read the AC from R3Ds but be careful if your edit started its life in Vegas 9!

Thanks for the feedback,

Subhadip Sen
11-06-2010, 03:01 AM
Sorry, that was a typo or a freudian slip on my part! I meant "AC" where I wrote "EC". Good to know that you have found a solution.

donatello b
11-06-2010, 11:57 AM
maybe .. V9 to V10 ?? perhaps you started the project in V9 with a version that didn't have the r3d read TC/EC update ?? = your orginal Veg never had correct EC so it will never be there in any V updates (when using old veg) ..

you could try ?? having Vegas replace media r3d clip with another ( same) r3d clip and it might pick up the TC/EC ?? ( use V10) = you would probaly need to hide the current folder so media goes off line then replace offline media with clip in new location ( be sure to use a copy of the veg in case something goes wrong) ? or just use the replace media with THIS media ??

nov 7 ..on 2nd thought ... try opening 2 instances of V10 .. in the 1st open your project Veg ... then copy everything in the TL and paste it in the 2nd instance of V10 ...