View Full Version : If you need excellent audio support and you are shooting in Israel

oleg kaizerman
02-05-2011, 01:18 PM
Hello all my name is Oleg Kaizerman and im production sound mixer from Israel .
Have 20 years of expirience being sound mixer for drama ,commercials and documentary projects here in Israel and a broad

Me and my company could support you with best people and any audio tools you will need to record audio in the most precise way .

We can support you with direct to camera audio recording or double system with tc .

-Our range includes;
-Lectrosonics 400 , Zaxcom stereo and Sennheiser g-2/3 systems wireless systems
lectosonics and Comtec ifbs .

Schoeps, Neumann, Sennheser and Sanken microphones , stereo mics and stereo pars .

Sound devices 744,788 , Zaxcom Deva 16 and Tascam DR 680 recorders .

Denecke and PSC tc slates

SD and SQN mixers

Of course, any aditional audio equipment you will need to get the job done .

We also can support you with aditional Red camera elements or aditional set and lenses or help you rent these directly from companies we are dealing on daily bases .
For more details or if you need any info about shooting in Israel
kaizerosound on skype
or 972-544655530

Best wishes
Oleg Kaizerman