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Lucas Wilson
11-19-2007, 04:14 PM
Hi all,

So... people have noticed that we announced the PrePost bundle. Cool. : )

I'll get this out of the way first...
The entire bundle - hardware + software = USD $ 55K.

And we are also proud to announce that the first customer for the PrePost bundle is PlasterCity Digital Post in Los Angeles. Plaster City is one of the world's most advanced FCP-based facilities, have been on the forefront of the RED workflow, and we are psyched that they have taken the lead here.

We have worked very hard for awhile now to put this bundle together. The hardware is unique, and from a vendor that traditionally does not serve this industry, but has an incredible depth of experience in ruggedized high-performance computing. "The Cube" is literally 12x12x12 (inches.) It has dual quad-cores, 3G RAM, an NVidia SDI card, a removable disk-pac consisting of 2.5TB RAID5, and comes with a customized Pelican Case as part of the price. It can power off of AC, or 24VDC for onset applications. The unit is very quiet and can be used on just about any set. Filtration is also excellent, so while the system is not ruggedized in the technical sense of the word - you can't dump water into it and have it keep running - it is extremely tough and ultra-durable. Internally at ASSIMILATE, we have had the cubes for several months now to pound on. One particular cube has been on-set in New Zealand, in an un-airconditioned loft in Mumbai in summer, on the trade-show floor of IBC, on the floor of the basement at RED, and most recently with me in Vancouver last week, with zero data loss or any other hardware issues.

Combine this with a very powerful version of SCRATCH, and this is really a fantastic combination for an incredible price. Buying this bundle is essentially getting the hardware for free. We can also offer limited terms on the bundle.

We realize that this is beyond what some people can afford. And I really really do wish that we had something for everyone. But we're proud of this bundle, and feel that we accomplished what we wanted to do - offer a high-end turnkey system that could give people realtime DI capability at a fraction of the price of other comparable systems.

The REDvolution is all about democratization, and we're proud to be part of it.

As always, if there any questions - y'all know where I am.

Lucas Wilson

email: lucas at assimilateinc dot com

11-19-2007, 04:27 PM
Thanks Lucas for filling everyone in, we have been waiting for you to chime in! This sounds fantastic. :) I am very new to all this DI world but if I was going to dive into it tomorrow with your solutions would the system be upgradable?

I only ask cause I would want this "cube" to do what it says to do for a very long time, knowing how computer technology advances overnight....would be nice to know you could upgrade the box with time.

11-19-2007, 05:37 PM
What does the Cube, other than size and DC power , offer us over the HP XW8400?

Last Quote with a Xena was :

1 Xena Lhe AJA Xena Lhe HD/SD Capture Card, $1,537
2 KL-Box-LH AJA Breakout Box, $257
3 LP3065 HP 30" LCD Monitor, $2,022
4 XW8400 HP XW8400 Workstation with Two Quad Core $9,398
Xeon Processors, 4GB RAM, 16X DVD+/-RW
2x250GB 7200RPM SATA Drive, 1xGigabit
NIC, 1xFX4600 Video Card, HP PS/2 Keyboard,
HP PS/2 Mouse/Keyboard, Windows XP Pro
4x750GB SATA Drives
So for 13+ Im in the hardware

Could those use a RED with the latest on the old HP package you support?

Simon Blackledge
11-20-2007, 12:10 AM
So cool :)

Quick question.. what about taking in SD/HD ?



Sanjin Jukic
11-20-2007, 01:47 AM
Luki congratulations!

But also Assimilate should be aware that a big DI facilities doesn't need The Cube.

Already they big systems like Quantel (iQ + Pablo), Nucoda Film Master, Baselight, Lustre, DaVinci Resolve, DVS CLIPSTERŽ and SpycerŽ, etc.

For PRE-POST they only need REDCINE (the key app for the RED game) because anyway they deal with dpx, cineon, tiffs, openexr, targa, sgi, jpeg2000, etc in post.

But anyhow to wish that this cube is not going to finish like Apple's Cube.


At the end the cube became a nice aquarium>>>