View Full Version : Back in Japan for Christmas/New Years - special deal while I'm there :)

Paul Leeming
11-23-2012, 12:59 AM
Hi all,

I'll be back in Japan from the 13th December 2012 to the 9th January 2013 to shoot a short film, "An American Piano", in 3D using our Epic stereoscopic rig :)

Since that shoot is only two days (with some additional prep time before the shoot) I'll have a lot of free time in which to do other jobs if someone wants to avail themselves of my talents and/or gear :)

Because it's Christmas, and because everyone loves a good discount, I am doing a couple of specials whilst I'm there:

1. You can get the Epic 3D Package below (with me as either DP, camera operator or stereographer) for 250,000 円 / 日 which is a 50,000 円 discount on the normal price, and

2. You can get the regular 2D Epic package along with me as DP, operator or DIT (see here (http://www.visceralpsyche.com) for the details of what's in it) for just 65,000 円 / 日 which is a 15,000 円 discount on the normal price.

If anyone is interested in those prices send me a PM and I'll be able to give you more info on schedules etc.


Hope to catch up with some of you whilst I'm there!

Cheers from San Francisco (for now),

Paul :)