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  1. [FS: GEAR] Blackmagic Switcher, ATEM, Cameras Etc (Live switching setup)

    Hey all!

    Recently updated our gear and are selling off our old live show 2 camera setup. Bought a few years ago for well over $20k. Basically a plug and play solution to get a 2 camera show up and...
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    Redvolt XL refurbishment?

    Hey guys,

    Just curious is anyone is refurbishing redvolt xl's I've got a ton of them but like half are blinking the outer leds on the back and the charges vary from 20min-40min of use.
  3. Thanks Phil! Awesome just wanted to make sure...

    Thanks Phil! Awesome just wanted to make sure before I pulled the trigger on one as a personal cam.
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  5. Red Carbon Fiber 8k Weapon vs DSMC 2 Helium

    Hey everybody. Just wanted to confirm that the Carbon Fiber 8k Weapon with the Helium sensor is the same camera as the new dsmc2 helium camera. After they homologated everything. Also will it be...
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    Red CF Weapon vs DSMC 2

    Hey guys bought one of the new DSMC 2 Heliums but its taking forever to ship so instead I am buying a gently used CF Weapon with the 8k Helium sensor. From what I can tell they are identically spec'd...
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    [FS: RED Camera] Red One MX for Sale with 342 hours.

    For sale is my Red One MX Battle Tested camera. It was a spare unit kept at RED just incase they needed to send out a replacement unit for the people who originally bought the battle tested cameras,...
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    Red One MX Audio Dropout

    Hey guys! So I've had this happen twice and luckily I planned for it on a shoot but about an hour and a half into a shoot where were recording audio the input suddenly drops out. Power cycling makes...
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