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  1. [FS: GEAR] Arri Alexa Mini for Sale (LOW HOURS)

    Hey guys,

    Selling my personal Alexa Mini kit with Arri Accessories and low hour count. Some wear and tear on eyepiece but otherwise in great condition!

    Camera located in Sydney, Australia but...
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    [FS: OPTICS] Canon CNE Set

    Hey guys selling my set of Canon CNE primes.

    All lenses are in great condition and come with custom cut Pelican case. Lenses cover full frame and are super fast (T1.3 / T1.5).

    Photos here
  3. [FS: RED Gear] Red Dragon 6k Camera Packaged Priced to Sell!

    Hey guys Iím selling my Red Dragon 6k camera package.

    Itís been a fantastic tool producing great images and has never skiped a beat. Sad to see it go but will be great investment for an up and...
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